Imagine This Friday (finally)

hi all!

WOW i had one computer issue after another it seems.  i finally got the power cord problem worked out and then i ran out of memory!  thank goodness for the HUGE external drive hubby had gotten for me – i just had to sit down and take the time to dump everything onto it!  i kept saying i was going to sort through it as i went but well…..not gonna happen right now!

i had a great day though – went and did Cici’s pizza with hubby and pezza – it’s her MOST fave place to go.  then came home and she fell asleep!!!!  so i spent some time dumping my too full memory and making a few cards to submit to PaperCrafts – there are 84 sketches to choose from!!!!!!  i am doing them using the cricut which doesn’t usually get published but i always like to give it a shot!  i am hoping to fit a few more into my busy schedule tomorrow morning – the deadline is Monday!

But onto why you came here!  I have another Imagine This Friday segment for you – this time we are working on the Borders of your images.  here are the two cards again:

If you look closely you will notice a slight difference – the card on the bottom has all of the images outlined in a thin brown border and the card on top does not:

This is how the images are printed originally.  the border is only visible around the balloons and it is light blue like the sky.

And this is them after i added a thin brown border.  neat huh?  first up, the video for folks who prefer them:

and for those that don’t here is a step-by-step for ya!

I am using the Best friends cartridge.  As you can see here i have placed my image in the que and broke it into layers.

Tap the next button to go into your Project Preview screen.  Then tap the Settings button.

The Settings screen will open.  In the top right corner is your Border Preferences.  You can see it is set on default and the other settings are grayed out so you can’t get to them.

Tap the triangle to make the menu drop down and choose Custom.  Now you can see the border options are no longer grayed out and you can access them to make changes.  Tap the Define Colors option and your Color screen will come up.

This screen will look familiar from our last lesson where we worked with RGB codes and selecting our own colors.  This is the same thing.  You can either choose to input a specific RGB code OR you can touch your stylus to the little cross hairs in the color wheel and drag it around until you have a color you are happy with.  Remember the black and white slider on the right hand side will darken or lighten your color – which is shown in the custom color box.

Last you can adjust the size or width of your border.  Mine was originally set at .04 and i decided to make it thinner so i went to .02.  you can also make it wider.  once you are satisfied with your changes tap Apply.

Now you can see all of my images have a brown border around them!

You can really see the difference here!

so what do you think????

Leave me a comment and let me know.  If you have an Imagine let me know if there is another topic you have questions about or want me to cover in a future lesson!  up for grabs this week is a 12×12 pad (36 sheets) of REALLY FUN paper:

I will draw a name on TUESDAY morning!!!

have a fabulous weekend my friends!


8 Responses

  1. Thank you! I am still learning how to use the I and look forward to your wonderful tutorials!! Many many thanks!!

  2. Glad to hear you got the computer stuff figured out. Stunning card!

  3. Marti, this demo made me realize I NEED an imagine! Originally, I didn’t like it because everything looked like I just printed in and cut it out with scissors. Your technique makes your project pop and gives it the awesome handmade look I love. Thank you for showing me the possibilities! I am in love with another Cricut! Yeah!

  4. HI Marti! Great card! I love the way you explained the borders! I have had the hardest time verbally trying to tell someone how to do this and you mastered it Girlfriend!! WTG!
    Big Hugs!

  5. Marti, this is REALLY REALY cute! I don’t have an Imagine but you are making me want to buy one! Your tutorials are fabulous! I feel like if I had a machine, I would actually know what to do with it. (I’m usually just struck dumb by them at my LSS’s)

  6. Hi Marti,
    Glad your computer is working correctly. I appreciatae you explaing about the brown shading. Great project. Thanks for the wonderful help you give to us. I would be at a lost without your tutorials.

  7. Hi Marti, you make it look so easy. I don’t have an Imagine, but I really like the look of the brown – makes it looked inked. Hope you are well,

  8. I love your cards Marti!!! it´s a beautiful colours combo. And your explanation was great!

    Good luck on meeting the deadline! 😉

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