The project that almost wasn’t…

WOW…..i don’t know if i have ever had a project go so wrong in so many ways… seemed simple enough in theory….despite the fact that it was sort of a last minute brainstorm….it began with a challenge.  on the second monday of each month we have a little challenge for those interested within the SCACD design team called Make A Mess Monday.  well boy did i make a mess……..but first the end result:

You may remember Hollyn had requested Valentine decor after we had to take our christmas stuff down – well i waited until the last minute but i came up with something to add to our wreath i made last year!

Our challenge was to make our own background paper using 4 or more SCACD products.  so i began with white paper and figured i might as well begin with some of the fabulous all white flowers susana carries as well.

I chose a variety of products to work with. First – two different shimmer mists. I used Metallic Gold Maya Mist and then I mixed my own red so it was somewhat less intense than the pre-mixed versions. I used Perfect Red Perfect Pearls, water and 5-6 drops of red dye reinker in a mister.

I made two sheets of paper. For the first layer i misted one sheet with the gold and one with the red and let them dry. Next i stamped over the entire page with the Recital Prima Stamp and black ink. next i laid the Distressed Diamonds Crafter’s Workshop Stencil over the red page and misted with gold. I made sure to use paper towels to mask along the edges of the stencil since it is smaller than the page to catch overspray.

I continued moving the stencil and spraying so the diamond shape covered the page. On the gold page i misted the stencil shape with red. Now what to do with it? I really like the block words i have been seeing lately so i wanted to make a set of my own.

Ahh the blocks….and this is where my adventure started. I asked hubby if he had some spare 4×4 wood in his garage i could have and he did – YAY! first off – 4×4 does NOT mean 4″ – i don’t know why but it doesn’t. I started by cutting my letters on the Cricut so i could give hubby the measurements. i wanted the blocks to be different sizes for interest.  Forst they needed sanding.  My sander was over at a friend of hubby’s.  He found another one (super big and heavy BLECH) but then i couldn’t find my sandpaper.  However i DID find some sanding blocks stashed away in a cabinet – good enough! I sanded them down and went to paint them – 3 off white and 3 red. You can use any acrylic paint but i suggest using a primer/sealer first so you are not needing 14 coats of paint!  i pulled out mine and opened it – completely dried out.  I dug around some more and found some white latex paint i could use – opened it – molded GROSS!  to be fair they were both part of this little maintenance kit they gave us when we built the house – 6 years is a long time for paint apparently.  Off to the paint store we went!  From there the painting went smoothly, just took a long time to dry – really long.  Once the blocks were dry i gave them a spray with gold webbing spray for a marbled look.  i was finally ready to put the papers onto the blocks.  i went upstairs for a few minutes – A FEW – while pezza was downstairs.  i came back down to see her repainting one of the red blocks, covering the gold webbing.  luckily i saved it!

Next i cut my papers slightly smaller than each block and attached the letters. I edged them with a fingertip dabber and gold Lumiere paint. I gathered the all-white flowers and sprayed half gold and half red and then stamped the red ones with the same Recital background stamp. i gathered bits of ribbon to use also and made a couple of bows with my Bow Easy to use as well. i layered the ribbons and flowers to accent each block. They look perfect up on my mantle!

I may have to make a few more of these! and i encourage you to try YOUR hand at making your own background papers! Susana has loads of products perfect for this – what are you waiting for?


And now i am off to bed!  my day started at 3:30 and it will probably start at the same time tomorrow.



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  1. I’m loving your BG paper technique. What Cricut cartridge did you use for the letters?

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