Imagine This Friday Lesson 3

Happy friday y’all!!!

yay friday!!!!!  mostly for my poor hubby’s sake – rough week.  the weekend is going to come just in time me thinks.  i have NO idea what’s on our agenda for the weekend.i do know it is supposed to be above 50 degrees sunday so we will all be runnin’ around here like it’s summer!  the temp as i write this is 13.  pretty lame….!  Pezza and i planted seeds in some egg cartons to see if we can make some things grow to transfer to our garden when spring hits.  i need to get a grow bulb from home depot though – cross your fingers for us.  she has one full of flowers, one full of herbs and we will do one more this weekend for vegies.

I also hope to spend some more time working on my colored pencil classes.  I am having quite alot of fun with them – to me the pencils are more soothing than copics – maybe because i have worked with them for a decade so it is familiar!   Here is an image i was playing with last night in front of the tv.  This technique does not use oderless mineral spirits for blending….

The image is one of my own images – Princess Pria.  She is 1 of 3 International Princesses (maybe one day i will get the rest of the line done!)

Now on to our focus for today!  Lesson 3 in the Imagine This Friday Cricut Imagine tutorials.  If you missed the first two lessons you can see them HERE and HERE.  This lesson assumes knowledge from the previous lessons so i don’t go over steps i have already covered there.

This week we are going to take a look at the other type of cartridge available for your Cricut Imagine – Colors & Patterns Cartridges.  Once again we will use our Imagine to make EVERYTHING for our card except our card base.

My card pictured here uses the Blossom Colors & Patterns cartridge coupled with the Cake Basics traditional cartridge.  Again all of my papers and images were done on the Imagine using the same cartridge so I have perfectly coordinated look.  The ability to use your traditional cartridges along with your Imagine cartridges really opens up your creative options and enables you to make full use of all Cricut has to offer!

You will still be working with layers as you would when cutting the images on a regular Cricut so you don’t lose any of the depth we are all used to.  Now let’s get started!  you can click on the video or scroll down for the written tutorial:

Begin by turning on your Imagine Machine.  Then load your cartridges – the Imagine carts fit into the slot on the right and the traditional carts fit in the slot in the left.

I clicked on the icon shaped like the old cricut carts on the left side of the Content Source Icon (you can see it is brown in this picture showing it is selected) and then chose my images as shown in the image que along the top.  (These are things we went over in Lesson 1 & 2 in case you missed those.)

For this card I have the bird – 2 layers plus the shadow – and the border piece which is also 2 layers plus a shadow.  I chose to do 2 each of the border pieces so I would have a border long enough for the front of my card.

Now it’s time to customize each shape using your Colors & Patterns cartridge.

Tap each shape one at a time and tap the pencil to get to the edit screen.  In the edit screen you will be able to see all of your pattern and color choices along the bottom.  Use your stylus to drag the patterns across the bottom so you can scroll through and see all of your options.  At the end you will find all of your coordinating solid color options.  Simply tap the one you want with your stylus and it will fill your shape.  Also adjust your size – be sure to use the REL size (on the right of the numbers) so your layers will fit together correctly.  My bird was done at 2” and border was done at 1”.  When you are satisfied with the shape tap “Apply” at the bottom and move on to your next shape.

Here you can see all of my layers have colors or patterns added to them.  In addition I clicked on the center icon in the Content Source Icon tray so I could get to the basic shapes pre-loaded on the Imagine machine.  I chose 3 squares, sized them to 5 ½” and added patterns to 2 of them and one of the darker color solids to the other.

Now it is time to cut.  Having this many items will require more than one sheet of paper so once the first one is done the machine will prompt you for the second one and so on.

Here are all of the pieces cut out.  In addition I have the piece of cardstock I used for the base of my card – PTI’s Spring Moss goes perfectly with the colors on the Blossom cartridge.

Now you have everything you need to create a perfect card!



Up for grabs – A zig glue pen (for glueing all of your small pieces) and an assortment of BNIB foam adhesive squares and glue dots!  just leave me a comment!  I will have a winner on Monday!


Thank you so much for joining me for Lesson 3 and I am looking forward to sharing Lesson 4 with you!!!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!


7 Responses

  1. love the videos , keep them coming.
    Ann W

  2. I love what the Cricut imagine can do. it is on my wish list

  3. Love what the Imagine can do, the ease of using colour on regular cartridge layers is what pushed me to buy the Imagine in the first place.
    Great video’s BTW

  4. Great tutorial! love the colours of the papers =)
    thanks for sharing!

  5. Marti, I am new to your site and I love the video tutorials. The card is oh so pretty!!!

  6. I love your princess line. She is darling. Cute card. TFS!
    sc gma

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the new cart and your imagine skills. Enjoyed the video and love the cards.

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