CHA loves!

hi all!

well my mom headed home yesterday.  Pezza ran a fever all day so she has been lethargic and needy poor baby.  she took a long nap and perked up a bit in the afternoon.  i finally got to spend a bit of time in my craft room after not having been down there in over TWO WEEKS!  i wasn’t sure i still knew how to craft!

ok i said i would let y’all know my thoughts on the stuff i saw at CHA this time around!  of course i saw LOADS but i can’t cover it all so here are the highlights!

The Cuttlebug grid folder system – LOVE this and cannot wait until it is released later this month!  Check out my detailed post HERE.  Here are all of new folders and designs coming out soon (a few will be this month, the rest will be June):

Cricut Online Craftroom – i think this will be a wonderful tool to use with my Cricut machines.

We R Memory Keepers collections – this is a company i have never paid much attention to but i got a great “tour” through the booth and really liked quite a few of the new collections – can’t wait to get my hands on them as they come out!

Claudine Hellmuth – i really had fun playing with her line in class and want to get more into her stamps and paints.

New Perfect Pearls colors – these plain ROCK!  i have been wishing for brighter colors for SO LONG and i think these are just perfect!  Perfect Pearls are one of my VERY TOP fave crafting products and i am excited to have these coming out!

Viva Decor Iridescent Pearl Pens – These are transparent pens with a hint of iridescent color – i THINK the colors were purple, blue and pink but i only got a glimpse of them.  but i can’t wait to see them up close and personal!

Doodlebug Fabrics – yep doodlebug is joining the fabrics bandwagon!  oozing cuteness!

LaLa Land Stamps – these are super cute and such fun to color.  i am looking forward to getting my hands on some of these cuties.  Check out Marci and Luka especially!  this is darling marci:

Kids Crafts – we came across some amazing things in the kids crafts arena.  I was happy to see that because kids crafts seem to be the same now as they were 15 years ago when i was raising the boys – a little disappointing.  Pezza is always begging me to let her stitch things too when i am sewing and doing hand stitching but of course she is a bit young for that!  my only thought was the old standby – lacing cards.  well those suckers are expensive!  and then they still aren’t making anything.  so i was thinking about ways to make some felt lacing items she could do and lo and behold someone has done the work for me!

there are two companies that have really concentrated on some kids craft lines.  The first is a line called Creativity Works – this is an amazing lineup of projects – my fave are the pre-punched felt softies kits complete with string and a plastic needle – brilliant!  15 different kits – dolls, monsters (can’t forget the boys right?) and fave foods.  and each kit contains a large and a small version of the item.  in addition they have quick and trendy jewelry kits featuring bottle caps or guitar picks, and little tin container kits – kids create a little character out of a metal tin and then have a pace to put their “treasures”.

the second company is Grant Studios.  They make great papercrafting items but who knew they did such fun kid’s stuff too?  They also have some pre-cut softie sewing kits although these are geared towards slightly older kids (8+ maybe).  they also have really neat fashion designer stencil sets, cute little rag dolls with clothing kits, and AMAZING air dry clay kits.  air dry clay is super fun stuff – my boys loved the crayola model magic.  these kits come with the clay you need and instructions to make really cool characters.  especially the ones for boys – a too often neglected group if you ask me!

we will be doing extensive articles on all of these products in our magazine Through the Craft Room Door as they become available to the market – should be spring-ish.

Several more i want to mention – Art Impressions stamps.  i don’t think these are new so much as new to ME.  these are an array of little stamps in bits and pieces that you can use to create scenes.  They also make SUPER cute doors and windows that you can dress up in all sorts of ways.  the best part was the coloring technique they specialize in – simple marvy le plume markers with water and a paintbrush – amazing.  look for tutorials on that soon.  they also sell complete instruction sheest for those interested.

Your Next Stamp and Magnolia minis – JUST because they are mini – like me!  ok so i don’t even like magnolias – i think they are creepy.  but when they are in miniature Oh MY GOODNESS.  i may have to cave to a few of them.  i was telling dianna – the US distributor – that i think they are creepy.  and she says the reason they don’t have mouths is because they are angels and angels speak with their hearts….so i guess i will buy that…..hahahhah!  love dianna she is awesome BTW!

Best Creations Paper – of course but y’all know that already!

Eco Green – this is a company started by (or worked with not sure) one of my all time papercrafting idols Julia Andrus.  she is the creator of Perfect Pearls and also the author of the most amazing book Paper Transformed.  She has been driven to create a complete line of papercrafting items that are completely eco friendly.  i can’t wait to try them out.  she is also an absolute sweetheart and i was thrilled to meet her and talk with her for a bit.

so those are my overall thoughts on all i saw at CHA.  suzanne is already making plans for us for the chicago show which i SWORE i would never go to again but i do SO love traveling with her and meeting up with folks i only get to see at the shows so she may just twist my arm enough to go.  Besides, she KNOWS i am her fave roomie EVER HAHAHHAHHAHHAHHHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have a great day!


3 Responses

  1. Wow! Lots to see. Thanks for sharing.

    And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who isn’t a big fan of Magnolia stamps. I don’t think they’re creepy, they just don’t interest me.

  2. Great POST ! Thanks for sharing all these wonderful new goodies!


  3. It was so nice meeting you at CHA Marti! So glad to see YNS mini stamps on your list – YAY!!

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