YUM – cake!

hi everyone!

ahhhhh monday….being that i work from home and make my own schedule for the most part Mondays are usually no big deal.  BUT i have had quite a bit of trouble getting my butt back in gear since returning from CHA plus my mom has been here so i don’t work as much while she is visiting.  however today i really need to kick myself back into shape as i have ALOT to do!  i need to make loads of follow up contacts from CHA.  Pezza has been asked to do FOUR Pezza Way videos for different companies!!!  so i need to get that organized.  we have an interview to do with Barbara Trombley – the “Glitter Queen” herself – from Art Institute Glitter for our magazine Through the Craft Room Door.  I will give a fuller report on my CHA adventures tomorrow!

to top it off my poor pezza is sick AGAIN – she has been sick more this winter season than ever before.  her fever reached almost 102 yesterday so no school for her today.  She doesn’t have any other symptoms but her best buddy next door is going in today for a strep test BOO!


before i get to my project for today i have a winner from Imagine This Friday – Ann Shuman!  she will get te fun heart punch around the page!  congrats!


So who watched the Super Bowl last night?  i have to be honest the only thing i watched was the half time show and i have to say it ROCKED!  i loved all the songs they did and the peeps in the light up suits SWEET!  i spent the first half downstairs sewing the first of a number of little adorable summer dresses for pezza.  then i went to bed 😛  i know i am terribly exciting right…BUT I DID have some super bowl fun – i made a super bowl cake!  used my Cricut Cake machine of course:

Kevin rooted for the Steelers while trev and my mom rooted for the packers so i had to make a half and half cake.

I used my Everyday Paper Dolls Cartridge for the little football players, goal post and footballs.

the side has a banner from Cake Basics and then i added the little footballs.  i FINALLY had enough time and energy to do a bit of “finishing” on this one and added dots of yellow buttercream around the top and bottom.  Kevin said this was the best one yet 🙂  it was also the easiest one yet – i am really getting the hang of it i think!  i also have lots of brown and yellow gumpaste left over so i see something with sunflowers in our future HAHAHHAH!  Next cake on my agenda will be for valentine’s day – Pezza and i have big ideas for that one!

i can’t believe how easy it has turned out to be to use my Cricut cake machine.  i really struggled with it at first.  i will go through my steps again for anyone who may have missed it!

1. PLAN YOUR DESIGN – it is really the best to plan your design and lay it all out in design studio.  i make a file for each color of gumpaste i will be using.  i use the cake pan size as a guide for sizing my design.  By doing this you can cut your gumpaste quickly before it warms and softens when you take it out of the freezer.  Resist the urge to weld one long border piece – it will be MUCH harder to move and put onto your cake!

2. Make your gumpaste sheets.  i have been using the Cricut Gumpaste in the tub and have been very happy with it.  I use 3 mats when doing this but i may need more….be sure to knead your chunk of gumpaste really well to get it soft and pliable.  now put on some latex gloves, rub them all over with a bit of crisco and start coloring.  i use americolor coloring gel a drop or two at a time..  knead it really well to get the color smooth and not streaky.

3. Roll it out on a flexible plastic mat (cricut mat if you have enough) dusted with a mix of half cornstarch and half powdered sugar.  Roll it really thin!  like really thin!

4. Cover your Cricut mat with crisco – you want a good thorough coating so your gumpaste will stick and not move around.  Lay the mat on top of your gumpaste and then flip your “sandwich” over and carefully peel your top mat off.

5. Trim the gumpaste so it is within the borders of your Cricut mat.  Now roll it out some more – i can usually get it even thinner at this stage.  Trim again to keep from gunking up your rollers.

6. Now put the mat in the freezer for 30 minutes or so.  I do ALL of my mats at once so they can all sit in the freezer.  you can put some saran wrap over them so they don’t dry out.

7. Once the gumpaste has chilled you are ready to cut!  Since you have your design laid out in design studio you can cut all your items from each color quickly.  Once each one is done remove the excess gumpaste and put it back in the freezer.

8. Now you need to put your layers together.  I used some “glue” i made by dissolving a bit of gumpaste in water.  I painted it on the back of my layers as i put them together.  Once done i put them all BACK in the freezer, covered, until i was ready to put them on my cake.  this way they would be a bit sturdier when i move them.

9.  Bake your cake and ice it – i highly recommend Rick’s Special Buttercream – THE BEST!!!!!

10. Now simply add your gumpaste cut outs to your cake!

now off to start my day!  i hope you all have a great week – thanks for stopping by!



3 Responses

  1. Thanks for picking my name! I love MS stuff.

    Your cake looks fabulous! You get better at icing it every time. And the design is so cute! Can’t wait to see what you have planned for Valentine’s Day.

    Sounds like your Super Bowl was better than mine. We couldn’t find the Terrible Towel, I wasn’t feeling well so I couldn’t eat or drink any party food, I got sick during the halftime show & then the Steelers lost! At least your email was a nice way to start the week. Thanks again!

  2. Awesome cake!!! You are really rocking this cake machine. Thanks for the really clear instructions.

  3. Super cute, friendy!! Here’s my first Cricut Cake attempt … think I need to use the gumpaste …

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