Ranger CHA class…O.M.G.

hi folks!!!

i have had to put off my Imagine This Friday post – i really intended to do it.  but the time i had intended to use did not happen because the hotel did not have power for those couple hours 😛  and then we went on a scenic drive around LA and ended up in The Grove – which was a pretty cool little shopping area.  a bit trendy which i am not really into but not bad.  ate at the Cheesecake factory and i have to say after having been on the super-healthy Cinch diet my body is so NOT pleased with me for eating junk.

The highlight of my day was the Ranger class of COURSE.  let me just say Ranger products are beyond incredible and Ranger designers TEACH LIKE NO OTHER!  the kits are well put together – no prep work needed – i hate classes where i have to cut all my own stuff!  anyway, we made FOUR projects:

Each one was designed and taught by a different designer.  can you believe we did ALL of that and were done 10 minutes EARLY!!!!

Fist we did Tim’s:

and Wendi’s:

and Dyan’s:

and Claudine’s:

now Y’ALL!!!  how fantastic are these projects??????????  are these designers brilliant or what???  i am IN LOVE with everything we used today.  the new perfect pearl colors are beyond fabulous.  wendi’s art bits are really fun to play with.  and claudine’s line – so cool.  totally in love with her paints and big foam stamps.  totally.

i am having a blast with suzanne and terri – love them to pieces.  positively giddy to get to the show floor tomorrow and see everything!!!  so now i am off to bed to get a good night’s sleep before the insanity starts.  tomorrow we have the first day on the floor, then the ProvoCraft Bash, and then a Cricut dinner afterward.  YIKES!  stay tuned for a full update tomorrow!


4 Responses

  1. Wow, Marti!! What awesome projects!! Did you take flat Mandy with you this time? Have a blast!!


  2. These are stunning!

  3. Those look great! Glad you’re having a good time.

  4. WOW these are magnificent! Are they done on canvas? TFS!
    Helen — Firenze Cards

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