rough day at school…literally

hi everyone!

whew what a day – seriously glad to see this one end!  you all know my adorable pezza…well she is a handful as you might imagine from my posts.  She has an incredibly HUGE personality and the strongest will i have ever seen in my life – most of the time making her quite entertaining but also often making her downright maddening.  today was such a day.  and not just at home – she apparently hauled off and hit a kid at school for absolutely no reason.  now she has not gotten along with this kid from day 1 so i was not surprised he was the recipient but you can’t very well haul off and hit people either SHEESH!  to make matters worse her teacher was very short and condescending with me over the whole thing and made it clear there would be no discussions on the matter.  to top it all off i am feeling completely out of sorts and it was one of those straw-that-broke-the-camels -back situations.  and now i have the monstrous headache that goes with these kinds of days!  thank goodness hubby is not only in town he is already at home YAY!


before moving onto my project i need to announce our Imagine This Friday winner of the Stick and Spray and Stick Away sprays!

TERESA D.!!!!!!!!!!!  congratulations!  remember there will be fun giveaways each week on Imagine This Friday!

your goodies will go out when i am back from CHA!  stay tuned here for more on that!  i LOVED how many folks stopped by and all of the fantastic comments you left.  many of you found it quite useful and i am so glad!  We will have another edition this Friday so don’t miss it!


i had already planned on sharing this LO before my day went so far south so the title fits both the layout and my day but in different ways.  the pics are from pezza’s first days of pre-school last year:

The embellies are cut using Spellbinders Dies and the gorgeous felt i get from Felt On the Fly over on etsy – it is so much prettier than the cheap stuff you find at Michaels and the colors are amazing.  you get nice clean cuts too!  i also included some of my FAVORITE glitter cardstock – Best Creations.  The glitter factor is stunning, it does NOT flake off and it cuts like a dream with both spellbinders and the Cricut.  I have also included some fabric yoyos, a hand crocheted flower and some glittered skittles.

i LOVE this one!  she-who-never-sleeps passed out cold from exhaustion – IN her chair with her banana sitting on her lap!

the fabric yoyos are SUPER easy to make – Clover makes these plastic yoyo templates that you can buy in the quilting section of joanns (or online).

and now i am heading for some tylenol!  i have lots to do before i will be ready to leave for CHA on thursday!!!

i hope you all have an amazing week!


4 Responses

  1. Sorry to hear about your rough day. You both will survive. I did with my son who is now in college. Stunning layout!

  2. Hi there, just wanted to pop in and say that I feel for you. My son is headstrong, noncomformist, smart, sensitive and nonstop – needless to say I’ve had my share of talking to preschool & regular school teachers, lol. I don’t think my DH helps because when my son socked someone, DH says that kid probably deserved it, lol. Which doesn’t help w/ the school talks, lol. Your daughter is such a cutie and must be very sharp/smart – which adds to the strong will, lol. I love your layout of her (beautiful & I love the flowers)! and LOL at the sleeping pic – that is SO funny!

  3. Must’ve been something in the air yesterday because I had one of those days too. and I still have the headache. I would’ve liked to haul off & hit this guy at work. Maybe I should bring Pezza with me – lol! Hope you have an awesome time in CA. Say hi to Suzanne & Terri for me & don’t wake them up at 4am!

  4. Awww, sorry to hear about your day buddy!!!

    Is this the kid that she used to bite? Maybe he deserved it! LOL *HUGS*

    Just keep reminding yourself, your time will come! Revenge will be yours!!!

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