a cute cake for ya!

hi all!

i am beginning to feel panic mode creeping in as CHA gets closer – SO much to do before i leave ACK!  we were also hoping to paint Pezza’s bedroom this weekend so my mom could paint the murals on her walls while she is here but it is looking like that may not happen 😦  i guess she will just have to come for another visit but i don’t know when.

Many of the companies have been doing their usual pre-cha release peeks and i have to say there is some good stuff coming!  some of my faves – Ranger and Tim Holtz have some really good stuff coming including new stickles colors, embellies by Webster’s Pages, Crafter’s Workshop, the new paper collections by Best Creations in 6×6 size no less, prima has a number of great things coming – both flowers and papers, stampavie, bo bonny (always yummy) to name a few!  head over to Scrapbook Update for specific links to all your favorite companies and designers!  what are YOU excited about?

**********Cricut alert***************

if you are a cricut user and missed yesterday’s post there is a giveaway going on to help you get more from your mats!  CHECK IT OUT!


today’s project is another cake!  let me just tell you my cricut cake machine now knows who’s boss! ROTFLMAO!  that week long experimentation learning phase has paid off!

a friend and neighbor whose son is in Pezza’s class asked if i would be interested in making her daughter’s birthday cake.  i said SURE!  i can use all the practice i can get.  so she came over with her daughter and we looked at books and talked about her ideas.  She was having an American Girl Doll party and she wanted one of the dogs, Pepper, on the top of her cake.  not what i expected but…..so i thought and mulled and considered and it occurred to me i had read about printing images on frosting sheets recently and that you did not have to print them yourself.  you could have a bakery do it for you.  so i said send me a picture and i will look into it.  so she sent me the picture with the following instructions – chocolate cake and filling, green icing and pink polka dots on the sides.


Cake Front

Cake Top

Cake Side

i am happy (and relieved) to say they LOVED it!  and i learned more about the process in general!

first printed frosting sheets – EEEEEEAAASSSYYYYYYYY!  so easy.  but here are a few pointers i learned along the way:

  1. you need a really good quality picture – the one i had was very small and i had to enlarge it – doing that distorts the pic a bit and makes it less crisp.
  2. size – might be a good idea to measure your cake first 😛  i think mine is slightly large.
  3. Demand a good printout – when i got home i realized he was printed slightly off the sheet so part of his ear was missing and they had smeared some ink onto his face in the handling.

it only cost $6 at the grocery store bakery.  the frosting sheet is actually pretty thick and just lifts right off the paper backing and right onto your cake – NOTHING to it.  some of my next thoughts – designing a digital image with my butt load of digi collections i have and printing it off to put on a cake or printing some of the wonderful images from my Imagine art carts and putting them on a cake……. SWEET!!!!!!!

the icing is just buttercream and i would like to work on getting that smoother.  but OH MAN did it taste good:

and YES she is wearing an apron.  it was in a box of valentine goodies my mom sent and she LOVES it!

ok back to the cake – i cut the border, celebrate and dots from Cricut gumpaste  using my cricut cake.  i colored the gumpaste with Americolor food gels, rolled it out super thin and then rolled it some more and lastly rolled it even more (seriously a lot of rolling but not too bad when you have it all soft from kneading in the coloring gel.)  then i stuck it in the freezer while i laid out my design using design studio – it all fit onto one mat.  i probably left the gumpaste in the freezer for about an hour or so.  i pulled it out, cut it immediately, pulled off the excess and then stuck the designs back in the freezer while i frosted the cake.  pulled them back out and placed them on the cake – DONE.  i could NOT believe how easy it was OMGOODNESS!  now i just want to make MORE!  my next cake adventure will be a birthday cake for trev and my mom – their bdays are a day apart – i fly in from cha feb 1, my mom’s is feb 2, and trev is feb 3!  however now that i am such a cake master *falling over laughing…. regaining myself* it should be a cinch to whip up something fabulous! after that pez and i have a fabulous cake in mind for daddy and then in march i am scheduled to make the first birthday cake for my next door neighbor’s son’s first birthday 🙂  sheesh i better print off some coupons and go get those cake pans!

ok enough from me for now! t hanks so much for taking time out of your day to stop by and say hi!

have a great weekend!


4 Responses

  1. WOW!! What an awesome cake!! You did an fantastic job!! Looks like someone is really enjoying it too!!

  2. You are doing well! I love Pezza licking the frosting:o) Great job on making beautiful cakes!

  3. cake is really good….if you want to get the icing smoother you can either use a small sponge type paint roller….roll in corn starch and then roll over the cake….or you can use a paper towel…you can get them smooth….or you can get one with a design and when you smooth the cake it will leave the design on the frosting…just let the frosting set up for about 2-3 min (having it as smooth as you can with the knife) then roll over it with the sponge paint roller…then take your paper towel and lay on it and rub gently with your hand…will really give you a glass type smoothness or a really neat design…depending on your towel…Jan

  4. That looks great! I love all the tips you’ve been giving. I STILL haven’t gotten mine out of the box, so now I feel like I’ll have no problem with all your hints.

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