i love GLITTER!

hi everyone!

i am sorry to say i do not have a project for you today 😦 i got very little time in my craft room yesterday and what time i did have i kept trying to work on this one layout and i don’t know. i just can’t seem to make it come together.  dontcha HATE that???? i mean it looks AWFUL at this point and i have no ideas what direction to go with it. BLECH! so i guess i will put it aside for now and work on something else.

ELAINE: you asked what i used to color my fondant and gumpaste on the cake i posted yesterday – i ALWAYS use Americolor Gel food dyes – they are the best! i order them (and all the rest of my hard to find stuff) at Global Sugar Art.

i DO have an exciting post for you today despite having no finished project.  y’all have heard me rave about Best Creations Glitter Paper on here before and i just received all of their NEWEST patterned collections AND THEY ARE NOW IN 6×6 SIZE!!!!!!  *swoon* all in stock now at SCACD!!! now i am familiar with their papers and have a number of the previous collections but i tell ya i still couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw these.  absolutely YUMMY!!!  now their pics on their website do not do the papers justice whatsoever so i decided to try my hand and taking them myself!  they STILL don’t show how truly fantastic these are IRL but it shows a little better:

Let's Party - perfect in every way!

Bunny Love – perfect for Easter AND spring
Safari Girl – adorable
Safari Boy – equally sensational
Travel – great for summer trips

Another great thing about these – they are double sided!  one side is a glittered design and the other sides are perfect coordinating un-glittered patterns.  and rest assured this glitter – just like their full sheets of glitter cardstock – DOES NOT rub off.

and now i will venture back down to the studio and see if i can hunt down some mojo!!!

have a fantastic week!!!!!


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