i love cake! cricut cake post

hi everyone!

well i finally did it – i mastered my cricut cake.  it took me a whole long week of blood sweat and tears but i think i have finally got it!  i will show you the finished product first and then for those interested you can read about the details 🙂

and the top:

the top layer is white cake with peach filling.  the middle is lemon cake with raspberry filling.  the bottom layer is chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse filling.  all delish but the lemon raspberry was my fave!  we still have entirely too much cake left so i am thinking i may need to eat cake for breakfast today…………

and now for the technical portions – i learned alot so i want to share in case anyone else has a cricut cake they wish they could master.

BUT first we will start with the basics. – this was alot of cake – 6 BOXES of cake mix ACK!  AND cake pans would be a plus next time – turns out what i have are cheescake pans – i don’t know WHY i have cheescake pans – i have had them forever yet don’t remember EVER baking a cheesecake….anyway the pans are only 1″ different in size which does not make for a nice layer effect when doing stacked cakes.  so i will be adding some cake pans to me arsenal one at a time with Ms coupons 🙂

next the fondant – this is only the second time i have done fondant – i wanted to try marshmallow fondant because i love the look of fondant but no one likes the taste.  well i have decided to ditch fondant all together – 1. it is hard as H*LL to roll it out thin enough and then get it onto the cake looking decent (as you will see in a picture in a minute.)  i was sweating from head to toe i was working so hard rolling this stuff out!  i was actually UP ON THE TABLE using all of my weight to roll it – reeee-donkulus! 2. MY fondant does not look nearly as good as the pictures i see so why waste my time. 3. the whole rest of the process is so time consuming it’s not fun adding the fondant to the steps.  now i CAN say marshmallow fondant tastes really good!  and if you have a kitchen aid mixer – it is very easy to make.  but from now on i am skipping this step.

now let’s talk about the cutting.  i used cricut gumpaste – works well AND tastes pretty darn good in my opinion!  however it took awhile to get the hang of it.  first recommendation – USE YOUR DESIGN STUDIO OR GYPSY!!!  previous attempts i always tediously picked my cuts one at a time and it was just a mess.  this time i laid all of my cuts out in design studio first so i could just take the mat of gumpaste and cut it all at once.

how you prepare it makes a world of difference and i was very confused on this part for awhile but i finally got it down.

1. knead the gumpaste really well to start with so it is nice and elastic-y

2. roll it out on a surface dusted with a mixture of half cornstarch half powdered sugar – i used a plastic cutting board or you could probably just use one of the cutting mats (i highly recommend having 3-4)

3. roll it super duper thin.  when you think it is thin enough it isn’t – roll it some more!

4. grease up your cutting mat well with crisco – not so it is white mind you but you want it GREASED.

5. lay your greased mat over your rolled out gumpaste and then flip it.  press down all over and then carefully pull off your rolling mat.

6. roll out your gumpaste some more – THINNER! hahhahha!  trim your edges to make sure you are inside the cutting lines so your rollers don’t get all gunked up

7. put it in the freezer while you prepare your next mat.  freeze for a good 20-30 minutes.

this winter fun sign is one of the first things i cut – looks AWFUL!  my edges were ragged for one thing.  i also tried letting the gumpaste dry out a bit before cutting instead of the freezer method i described above – NOT the way to go AT ALL. no clean cuts and alot of distortion along the cuts.  plus alot of cracking as it got too dried out while working with it and then went all to h*ll when putting it on a ROUND cake.

next i tried going over all of the cuts a second time with a paring knife – as you can see the light blus cut looks alot better but kinda defeats the purpose of having the cricut to cut KWIM?  as you can see it had to work with these so long that they dried out as well and then cracked when putting them on the cake.

also notice my total fondant fail – now had i used actual cake pans the sizes would have differed enough to allow me to do a border to hide the edge which would have helped but to be honest i was so tired by this point i just didn’t have it in me ACK!

here is a snowflake done after some research and adjustments – you can see it got MUCH better!  i had my speed and pressure both on one – NOT gonna work!  so i turned it up speed – 2 and pressure 3 – cut all the way through and looked WAY WAY better but the added pressure did distort the shapes a little.  that is when i decided to put them in the freezer and then cut the dark blue layers – perfection!  i could have CRIED!  a whole sheet of perfect cuts, not dried out even a tiny bit, put them back in the freezer after cutting and removing the excess and then lifted them off the mat with no trouble whatsoever!!!!!!!!  now that i know how to do it i doubt my next cake will take a WEEK to get the decorations cut out!  these cuts are 2.5″ – 3.5″ – i do not know yet how smaller cuts would do.  i will be trying that one the next one (yes i am actually going to do this again!)  you know after i get real pans……

here is the top showing a snowman close up too:

you can see the white layer is still a bit rugged but the dark and light blues – i finally got it down and those mittens and buttons are pretty small………his face is done with royal icing.

to “glue” the cuts together i just used water and while it worked i think i will use a better option next time…once i find out what exactly that might be – i think you are supposed to melt some gumpaste in water to form a sort of glue…..

overall i was quite impressed with myself and accomplished my goal which was to LEARN!!!  next cake will be for a neighbor’s daughter’s birthday next week but only one layer – no fondant and using a printable icing sheet.  then right after CHA – a birthday cake for my mom.  she will be here staying with pez while i am at cha and her birthday is the day after i get home.  then pez and i have a valentine extravaganza planned for hubby 😉

some comments during this process:

hubby: (on day 5 of cutting out gumpaste) i can’t believe you have spent a WEEK working on a CAKE
hubby: (on baking day when every surface of the kitchen had a layer of cake on it)  how many cake layers is this thing gonna have?!?!?
me: 6
hubby: you need professional help…like the expensive kind….
Pezza: (looking at the front of the finished cake – points to the snowman’s nose) what is that?
me: that’s his carrot nose
Pezza: that’s not a carrot that’s a BOAT!  do the cake over……

enjoy your holiday today for those who are lucky enough to have it off!


7 Responses

  1. Wow that was a lot of work! I tried the marshmallow fondant and I didn’t have any luck at all. It was my first attempt at fondant of any kind and I was not happy. I think yours looks good but with all the difficulties you had I am not sure I want to even try working with it again or even cutting with my Cricut to cut gumpaste. I will stick to paper cuts on toothpicks on top of cupcakes! LOL Great job Marti!

  2. AMAZING!!!! You really are dedicated to your CAKE! Bless your heart…I would never have the patience that you do! YOU ROCK!!

  3. Great post! Pezza always makes me laugh. And the cake looks great!!!

    There is no way I would’ve spent a week cutting those out. Weren’t they hard when you put them on the cake?! And I still can’t believe the gumpaste isn’t too dry to cover the cake. I’d use the marshmallow fondant for that & the gp for the designs.

    They recommend at least a 2″ difference between layers, so there’s a good set of pans with 6″, 8″, 10″, 12″ together that you can use in various ways.

    Tammy Skinner also showed me that using multi-cut, means you don’t have to use as much pressure. You could try that too.

  4. I have been decorating cakes for 35 years and I have NEVER used fondant….I think it is too hard to work with and then there is too much time involved….loved your cake….I think it looks great…I am with you on the border between the cakes….but you did a great job….I look forward to seeing the next ones you make…

  5. Marti, that cake is fabulous! I can’t believe you spent all that time on it – you are dedicated and talented. Thanks so much for all of the tips, they will be very helpful when I tackle mine LOL Pezza is a hoot with her comments… do the cake over, HA!

  6. I keep rereading but can’t find what you used to color it blue… both shades are so darn pretty!

  7. Your snowflakes and the snowman are really cute. You need some more training on how to properly cover a cake with fondant. Your word cut outs are broken in pieces. what a shame.

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