i just LOVE cherries! especially when they are cricut style!

hi all!

my poor blog is being neglected while i have been struggling to finally get the hang of my Cricut cake machine.  i have been working with it non stop all week but i am oh so pleased to say i finally have it down YAY!!!!  i will have a full post with the tips, the cake and the cake eating party on monday or tuesday.  if you live nearby (western loudoun county, VA) and want to come help us eat cake let me know and i will send you the details!  party is sunday 4-8 – hubbies and kids welcome (even teenagers, trev will be here with a couple of his friends too).

today hubby and i are going to roam around a big RV expo – LOVE those things!  they just fascinate me how they cram so much into such small spaces – i mean i realize some are huge but not like a whole house huge.  we have a dream of owning one someday so we can travel around easily – along with some sweet dirt bikes!

today’s post is a guest spot for Scrap n Tote and is cricut all the way!  i will begin with an exciting link i stumbled across in my constant internet roaming.  i DO NOT know anything other than what it shows, no inside info nor do i know the timetable or legitimacy BUT it looks SO COOL!!!!!

new cricut gypsy?

now by guess and speculation i am thinking this is a new and improved gypsy (which is exactly what i suspected was coming and why i did not buy one when they were 49.99).  here are my thoughts – new gypsy that does not require you to permanently link your carts.  it can be hooked up to your computer in place of design studio so you have a larger screen to work with.  It can also be hooked up to a myriad of other machines – embroidery machine, laser cutter, milling machine, engraving machine, jewelry maker – oh the brilliance!  enables them to take over the world without having to create a ton of new machines which are already out there.


so what is a scrap n tote?  an ingenius little storage solution for all of your cricut carts, handbooks and overlays.

Scrap’n Tote is a custom Catalog Binder binder with handles and 12 custom insert sheets made specifically to store, organize, and tote your Cricut cartrdiges, books and overlays.   You also receive 12 Velcro closures for the insert sheets, 12 writeable divider tabs for the insert sheets, and a FREE metal zipper storage pouch for your supplies.  If that isn’t enough, Scrap’n Tote will also hold your 12″x12″ Cricut cutting mat and 12″x12″ scrapbook paper !

how convenient is that?  ESPECIALLY for those folks who love to go to crops – couldn’t be easier to bring your cricut with you!

i originally created today’s project for the PaperCraft submission call but it did not get picked so it is safe to show y’all:

i really like how this one turned out – i think the cherries are too freakin cute!  i did this entire card using the Kate’s Kitchen Imagine Cart.  One of the things that i so love about the Imagine (and there are many things) is the ability to create every piece i need, cut them all out at once and then put it all together – everything perfectly coordinated.  On the cartridge you have lots of cute full images to choose from as well as patterned papers and coordinating solid colors – everything you need.

One of the big concerns with the Imagine has been the ink cartridges – how long will they last?  well it is easy to print the papers you need with little waste – a card is not going to require full sheets of each paper you want to use.  the imagine has a variety of shapes on the machine itself.  i just choose the square, size it to 5 1/2″ and then choose one for each paper i want to print – in this case the cherries, the red solid, and the turquoise.  i used a regular piece of cardstock for the base.

i chose this cute cherry image as my focal point.  another thing i love about the imagine is the super easy layering.  with each imagine i have the option of printing it out as one flat layer or breaking it apart into several layers for a more dimensional look like i did here.  i used foam tape for each layer.

i really love the ease of use of my imagine machine both with the imagine cartridges as well as with traditional cartridges and regular colored paper.  i like being able to choose all of my images no matter what size and what creative feature, shift – no shift, all at once and then cutting all at once.  to me it is such a time saver.


don’t have a Cricut Imagine but wish you did?????  Scrap n Tote is GIVING ONE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  yep that’s right FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you enter?

Three Chances To Win!

Enter on their Facebook Fan Page Under The Tab “Join My List”

Enter On On The

Scrap’n Tote Website

Enter On The

Scrap’n Tote Blog

& Please Don’t Forget To Follow Them!


another fabulous tip for you Cricut user regarding mats – i can’t remember if i posted about this or not.  there is always discussion about re-sticky-ing your mats.  up until now i never bothered because all of the things i read seemed too time consuming or labor intensive.  well not anymore!

These two products are made by Crafter’s Companion and are SO easy and quick!  when my mat runs out of sticky-ness i use blue painters tape to tape off the side edges and then go OUTSIDE (stuff is kinda stinky) and give it a spray with stick and spray.  wiat 30 seconds and it is ready to go again.  yea 30 seconds!  after 2-3 times the mats need a bit of degunking/cleaning from paper fuzz and such.  so then i just spray a layer of stick away on, wait 30 seconds, wipe off with a paper towel and then scrape over it with the edge of one of my acrylic blocks.  ready for the stick and spray step.  again it only takes minutes.  the best part is that the newly sticky-ed mats are actually even better than the way they come new!  i go through mats at an alarming rate and despite the up front expense of each bottle i have found it to be far cheaper than having to continually buy new mats – not to mention i always seem to have a hard time finding the mats in the first place!

***be aware ProvoCraft has stated that re-sticky-ing mats voids your warranty.  You might want to wait until your warranty has expired.***


and now i better scoot – i have loads to do today!  including whipping up some dee-LISH buttercream frosting and trying my hand at homemade marshmellow fondant (supposed to taste better – we will see what my party goers think).

have a FABULOUS weekend!


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  1. Marshmallow fondant lover HERE! Much, much better than regular fondant, but I so don’t love the cleanup of it! So only special people get marshmallow fondant on their cakes!

    And holy canoli cricut imagine?!!?!?!!?!?!!? *cries* I know I haven’t crafted in a while, but I WANT IT.

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