SCACD is back open! Sew Easy tool video

hi all!

happy new year!  we did not do anything exciting on new years eve because i am a big fat wimp when it comes to late nights!  now if you wanna talk early mornings – THOSE i can do!  in fact i have been kicked out of Suzanne’s room at CHA *crying real tears* due to my sleep habits.  hahhahha!  we couldn’t get our usual suites so we had to get 2 separate rooms so suzanne and terri are staying in one since they have the same sleep habits and i will be in the other one with my buddies ashley (etsy inspired challenge) and elaine (friend from the Cricut message board.) i THINK the rooms connect though – just in case i have to pop over and keep suzanne in line LMAO!  i alaways start getting really excited about CHA once the holidays are over!  i love seeing all of the new goodies of course and i especially love getting to see friends in the business from all over that i only get to see at CHA – they are all SO MUCH fun!


SCACD is back open today after a much deserved break for the holidays and Susana has some AWESOME new stuff in stock and more on the way!

my project today uses one of the newest stamps From the Vault at SCACD called Guardian of Hearth & Home by Carmen Medlin.

I had never tried the feathering technique using the two different colors before but i guess i got suddenly inspired and i really like how it turned out!  I used Viva Decor Holographic Glitter Liner on her wings for some super sparkle and then added gold sparkle to the edges of them and to her belt with a Spica Glitter pen.

I added the brown stitching using the new Sew Easy Tool Susana got in stock just before the holidays – LOVE this thing!  you can buy a variety of interchangeable heads for it to create pierced holes for all manner of stitching.  Just run it across your paper and done – way faster than piercing each hole one at a time!  Then just take floss and stitch through them!  Susana has the cards of Sew Easy colored floss in stock too!  i like them because each one has three different shades of the color on it so i get a lot of variety with them.  This is FLOSS so it is thicker and gives you more dimension than regular sewing thread done with your sewing machine.  i used the same floss for threading my buttons so the look is coordinated!

so what do you think?  the hand stitching actually goes very quickly since the holes are nice and well-punched through.

i used a regular piece of crafting fun foam beneath my paper so the little pokers on the head can go through the paper easily.  check out my video below for complete info and a good look at how this little tool works.  then head over to SCACD and check out the different heads you can buy to do different stitch designs.

Now i am off to do some house cleaning FUN TIMES!  i hope you enjoy the video and find it useful!!!



4 Responses

  1. Thank YOU so much! I bought the Sew Easy and have been waiting for a Video, so I could learn how to use it! This is perfect and now I understand (can you tell I don’t typically sew)….but you did a great job!

    Thanks Marti!! 🙂

  2. Beautiful card and fabulous video!!

  3. Marti – I love this card — it is so magical – so glad I subscribe to your blog!
    Sandy Dehon

  4. The image & your coloring are fantastic! She looks so amazing.

    This is one tool I’m not really into. Hand sewing is just too much effort for me. But you did a nice job with it.

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