Studio G folks – next round of $1 stamps is out!

hi everyone! 

 i wanted to get a quick post up for all of you who have begged me to PLEASE not stop providing you with the latest Studio G $1 stamps sets.  i have the next two on their way!  raise your hand if your tired of making christmas stuff (hand waving wildly in the air).  i LOVE doing it – don’t get me wrong btu i am definitely ready to move on!  so i thought it was the perfect time to show you the two new sets heading our way for valentine’s, easter and St patrick’s day!

Each set has 16 packs of stamps and 2 acrylic blocks.  They are $18 each and will ship in mid january.  I am ordering a VERY LIMITED number of these and do not plan on re-ordering once i run out so if you want them you can head over to the Studio G page on the store website by CLICKING HERE and securing your set!  while you are there browse around.  i still have many items in stock and most are marked down considerably – buy it now so i don’t have to count it during inventory next week!!!!  hahhahha!

please let me know if you have any questions and thank you so much to all of my die hard customers – i love ya!!!!


3 Responses

  1. Don’t care how long I’m gone from the crafty world, I STILL ALWAYS WANT THESE!!!

  2. I would love to preorder the valentine set, I could not locate it on the studio G website. What can I do?

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