Teacher’s Gifts

hi all!

whew have i been busy working on Christmas stuff!!!!  i am close to done but not quite. Pezza is all better now – so much so i was ready to put her up for sale on ebay this weekend but i thought it might be frowned upon….here she is with Tiger – they have had a love-hate relationship since birth:

tiger has decided that spot on the couch belongs to her so she sat on pez.

today we will be braving the mall, bookstore, ac moore and the grocery store one last time before the big day!  we made my traditional load of sugar cookies this weekend while daddy wrapped all the presents.  i am hoping to get those mostly decorated today so i can throw them into my boxes for family and get those in the mail today.  i am working on one last gift, for my MIL, and of course my sewing machine decides to stop working AGAIN – i could scream BUT my hubby got me the best gift EVER for christmas (and our anniversary, my birthday, next christmas, well you get the idea.)  a brand spankin new Bernina Sewing machine – top of the line without getting into the automatic embroidery stuff.  i had to bring my sewing machine in last week to get fixed too and while i was there i sat down and had the lady show me all the new machines.  oh MY GOODNESS are they SWEET!  so i came home with brochures prepared to do months of begging and pleading and hubby says go ahead and get it.  i could have FELL OVER – i was practically vibrating i was so thrilled!  BUT they do not keep them at the store so i MIGHT get it before christmas (and finish my MIL’s gift i hope i hope!)


Susana’s Custom Art & Card Design cart will be offline for the holiday break from this wednesday until jan 2.


today i have some cute fun teacher’s gifts i made for Pezza’s teacher – she has one teacher and two teacher’s aides in her class.

Each mug has a vinyl decal done with my Cricut – they are dishwasher safe too!  Inside is an assortment of teas & mulling spices in a fabric pocket coaster i made plus some hot chocolate, a bookmark and a mini hand sanitizer gel from Bath & Body Works.  each has a matching gift tag too.

here are some close ups:

See that incredible glittering cardstock?  It is by Best Creations and i am IN LOVE with it.  it glitters like no other, does NOT come off and cuts like a dream in my Cricut.  i just did a special order of a bunch for a couple customers and will be getting a few sheets of each color for myself – can’t WAIT!  their patterned glittered paper is also TO DIE FOR!

again look at that glittering apple!  the coasters are made from a pattern i found on Etsy >HERE< – it is SUPER easy and done with only three 5″ squares of fabric, a strip of felt and some batting.  i did the red pearls on this one and the one above with the NEW ranger liquid pearl formula and i have to say it is a HUGE improvement – the pearls round off by themselves perfectly.  i can’t wait until i can get the rest of the colors in!

This is the first one i made – i used a Xyron laminating cartridge for this bookmark but i was not overly happy with it so i didn’t do the other two.  i get all of my felt on Etsy also >HERE< and cut these fancy strips using my Spellbinders dies.  i LOVE the felt from Felt on the Fly – gorgeous felt in loads of gorgeous colors!

Once again check out the glitter on this cardstock – YUM!

AND IT DOESN’T COME OFF!!!  love it!

the teachers were pleased and pezza enjoyed giving them to each one.

now we are off to get ready for a little bit more shopping!  i hope you all have a fantastic day and get LOTS done so you are prepared for christmas and able to relax!!!!!!!!



7 Responses

  1. Marti These are just fabulous gifts! I really like them! I would love to know what you did with the vinyl on the mugs to make them dishwasher safe. Is it the kind of vinyl you used?

  2. Just wanted to say thank you for bringing a smile to my face this morning. For sale on ebay – LOL! That photo is so cute – and tiger is a huge cat! And wow, love those teachers’ gifts – so personalized. Congrats on the sewing machine! And you are very brave to face the mall this close to Xmas!

  3. Very cute, Marti!

  4. Those are darling, I think the teacher’s will love those!

  5. That cat is so huge! Wow!! LOL!

    Great gift ideas!

  6. Oh look, you have a blanket shaped exactly like a cat! *LOL*

    That’s the biggest, fricken cat I’ve ever seen!!! I LOVE HIM! And you KNOW I LOOOOOOVE your gift sets!!!

  7. CA-UTE! Where’s mine? LOL–great gifts and I lovee those vinyl decals and shiny paper, me want some tooooooo!

    Merry Christmas to you & your family!

    love ya,

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