from the vault @ SCACD…

hi everyone!

well i have had a crazy morning – first poor pezza has been sick all week.  she has had a fever since sunday.  tuesday it was gone all day so i thought we were safe but it came back yesterday.  then this morning she got up and came down to the couch in the basement were i was working on some sewing projects.  she curled up on the couch and kept begging me to lay with her, every time i got up she only lasted about 5-10 minutes.  finally at 8:30 she said put me back in my bed.  she went back to sleep until 10:30!!!!  i don’t think i have EVER seen anything knock her out.  meanwhile i tried to get back to my sewing – a christmas gift that really needs to be in the mail by tomorrow…it started snowing and then the electricity went off.  SOOOOO no more sewing OR getting this post done 😛  finally got hubby on the phone to tell me how to get the generator out, hooked up and turned on,  went out back to dig the snow shovels out of the potting shed, came back in and got all my snow gear off and the electricity came back on.  SOOOOOO back out to turn the generator off.  *sigh*  the good news is that pezza woke up from her nap feeling much better and is back to her demanding over the top self for the time being…..i can’t take her into the doctor because hubby had to take my truck in due to the snow – his car is a little useless in winter weather.  so i will see how it goes today and have her an appointment tomorrow.

but ON WITH THE SHOW!  hahhaha!

today susana released 3 new images from the vault at SCACD – 1 by elisabeth bell, 1 by victoria case and 1 by carmen medlin and they are each really adorable!  i have a card for you using the victoria case image – the yearling:

isn’t she sweet!  i SO wish i could snuggle a baby deer!  me patterned papers are from kaisercraft gypsy sisters and had such fun doing a little quick n easy hand stitching along one panel using my new sew easy tool.  Susana just got these in and the have been flying right back out the door!!!  the tool can be used with different interchangeable heads for different pierced patterns.  you just roll it across your paper and then use the sew easy floss or any thread and stitch.  i added beads to this one because i love beads 🙂

my little swirl up in the corner is from the maya road mini set decorative scrolls.  i painted it with viva decor precious metal paint – susana’s got quite a few colors in stock now and each one is absolutely amazing!!!  the flowers are petaloo velvet hydrangeas – love them!  i gave them a mist with perfect pearls mist made from turquoise perfect pearls and water with a bit of pool reinker – that’s the best part of making your own – you can have any color combo you want in an instant!

and now i am off to drink some thera flu myself and hope pezza temp stays down so we don’t end up at the ER!  this afternoon it hit 103.2 but a bath got it back down 😛  at least she doesn’t do the seizures like the boys!

have a wonderful evening!


5 Responses

  1. Beautiful work, love the colors. Hope your family feels better soon. Happy Holidays!

  2. That is really beautiful! I love the color of the scroll.

    And baby deer really aren’t that adorable irl. Plus they can cause a lot of damage to a VW Beetle when they run in front of you in the dark 😦

  3. Sounds like the flu… I would put all on hold and lay with the baby… the family would understand.

  4. Super cute–love the pretty teal and sparkles!


  5. Marti, I think it was from MTC_tuts. You had a question about DC, Just use the trial verion, you don’t need to buy it.

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