MAMM: jewelry for ya!

hi everyone!

anyone get to play this weekend?  christmas cards mailed?  shopping done?  decorating done?  i did quite a bit of cleaning down in the basement – mainly the pool table i have taken over as a sewing table and pezza’s craft area – it had gotten WAY out of hand!  i am quite pleased with myself – one less thing mocking me as i go through my day!  unfortunately my list of those sorts of things is quite long!  BLAH!

i DID get some time to play too.  i have a great tim’s tag inspired project for you tomorrow but today is Make a Mess Monday – when me and my DT sis Kim play with some of the intriguing new products susana has been bringing in at Susana’s Custom Art & Card Design.  this month we decided to play with the awesome jewelry findings >HERE< – So many ideas…so little time.  Here is what i have for today:

These pendant blanks make it SO freakin easy to make some incredible one of a kind jewelry pieces!  here i simply used some Viva Decor Glass Effect Gel Pens – first i put a layer of Crystal Clear to cover the whole bottom – not too thick.  Then i added some small strips of blackberry and green while the clear was still wet.  Immediately take a pin or toothpick and start at the top corner – drag the point down through your colors.  next go back up next to your first line.  do this across the pendant.  experiment with different directions and see what happens.  try to avoid bubbles – i poked them with the pin but some were just too small.  let it dry completely.  cover with a thin layer of diamond glaze.

there are so many things you can do with the glass effects gel – try dropping things in there like glitter, chunky glitter, shaped glitter, microbeads, gala glitz, etc.  you can also use other viva pens like the pearl pen and glitter liners.  be aware that if you use gloss gel make it very thin and let it each layer dry well in between.  mine cracked down the middle when i tried it.  you can also color the pendant with alcohol ink or a collace piece before applying the glass gel.  you can finish the pendant off by attaching other beads, charms, drops to the pendant bail at the top!  be sure to check out all of the fun things in susana’s shop and also be sure to check out the AMAZING things Kim did today with jewelry findings from SCACD.

well i am off!  have a great week!!!


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