ahhhhhhh christmas – some pics for ya

hi all!

i hope you have had a good weekend so far!  Pezza and i did a bunch of baking yesterday – i have onyl made a dent in my usual holiday cookies to give away though!  today is studio time.  unfortunately my sewing machine, which has not worked completely right since i got it back from being fixed, is completely not working again.  i was nearly finished with my mom’s purse (which is very cool i must say) and still need to make my MIL’s gift so i am NOT a happy camper.  especially since it means i have to drive all the way to the bernina place which is NOT nearby, it is quite a hike.  GRRRRR.

perhaps i will work on some more of tim’s 12 tags – have any of you been keeping up with them?  absolutely gorgeous!  however i need very little christmas stuff at this point so i am not sure what i am going to make…i also got several new Cricut Imagine cartridges from my buddy terri at Stampsalive – really wanting to get those out and play!  perhas i can combine some tim holtz and cricut again…..hmmmmmm…

i thought i would share some holiday decor pics with you – i mentioned on black friday i got three new trees – ours needed to be replaced and the prices were so good i came home with three!

first our family tree in the fanily room:

this tree is where the presents will be and has a mix of all sorts of our favorite family ornaments – from things the kids have made when they were little on up to porcelain ornaments my mom has painted for me over the years.  i have my handmade felt ornaments here that i made earlier this year for the magazine.  Hubby has harley davidson/motorcylce ornaments for this tree as well.  i filled in the spaces with red and gold ornaments and then have matching red & gold beads with the stockings.  i LOVE old world santas and have a couple on the mantle – the large one is a music box and the small one was painted by my mom.  eventually i will make us each a stocking and do a bit more with the garland 😛  the cats wasted no time claiming the trees as their own of course…

next up is the tree i got JUST for pezza:

Pezza’s tree is about 3′ and has colored lights as well. i saw the ornaments first – absolutely BRIGHT and almost gawdy with glitter galore – aven some CAR shaped ornaments in the same color scheme. well i couldn’t resist – they just screamed pezza so i got the little tree to go with them. she LOVES it. notice she likes to hang her ornaments in clusters – they are families. makes my OCD go nuts but that is why she has her own tree!

next up is the foyer – the MOMMA tree – meaning no one else gets to touch it and i do it as a theme.

it has clear lights and i was inspired by the wreath i made for the foyer last year – everything is all done in purple and silver – purple is my fave color so i was very excited to see purple ornaments!

and finally pezza and santa:


ok i am being called to play go fish so i better scoot!



8 Responses

  1. Love the pics and especially pez with santa.

  2. Marti! Love the pics! Pezza is so adorable with Santa! Did you ever think you would have 3 beautiful Christmas trees?! Your awesome!

  3. Marti , your daughter is precious! Love your Christmas pictures!

  4. WOW! I am in LOVE with your home and your decorations are fantastic…especially all the wonderful PURPLE!!!

    Wish my house could be so wonderful…bless your heart!

    Pezza looks so happy! 🙂 ENJOY!!


  5. Hey giving sjd a run for her money with all the trees – YIKES Come do my house :o(
    Hearts and Hugs

  6. Adorable!!! My DD is 22 years old and on her own. I sure miss her!!
    Thanks for sharing your photos.

  7. I just love your purple tree! It’s so pretty. We just put all our ornaments on one tree, so it’s more like your family tree. Nothing pretty.

    And Pezza’s clusters are so cute. I made gingerbread houses with my co-workers grandkids one time & the littlest one (probably about that age) clustered all the candies together on the house. It was so cute, but drove me crazy too.

  8. Marti, everything looks so lovely but I just adore Pezza’s tree and her little ornament family clusters! Looks like you got an adorable Christmas pic with Santa for this year. My sister will flip when I show her your Mamma tree… purple’s her fave color too:o)

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