Tim’s 12 tags: tag 7 DONE!

hi all!

does anyone have anything fun and excited planned for your weekend???  i will be doing LOADS of baking – did all my shopping last night!  hubby took the day off so after we picked pezza up at school we went and had lunch at cici’s pizza (her fave place) and then headed to the mall for a visit with santa – it was her first and she was TOO cute!  i was going to post the pic for ya but my cd drive is STILL not working and hubby is still sleeping 😦  it was TOO funny standing in line for santa and watching the other kids.  oh WHY do we torture our kids with santa each year?!??!?  there were ALOT of screaming crying petrified children but i couldn’t help myself – it was so funny!  there were a couple just frozen in fear with the deer in headlights look.  EGADS!  pezza loved it though and told santa her list (all of which i got thank goodness – no last minute additions!)  then we finished up the rest of our shopping – just kevin’s brother left to buy for – he is a tough one but kev’s dad is going to snoop around and come up with some ideas.  it was really nice to spend the day with daddy and pez was the HUGEST daddy’s lovey dovey girl all day.  he has been out of town SO MUCH lately.

ok so on with the reason you all stop by and visit me so often!  i got time for another adventure with one of tim holtz’s 12 tags of christmas!

now i have mentioned i don’t need any tags but i DO need bags!  so this bag is for my mom’s gift.  i am quite pleased with how it turned out!

as usual i did not have EVERYTHING tim used so i made some substitutions here and there.  i did have the woodgrain embossing folder so i used it to emboss the base of my piece.  tim used an oldie but goodie technique that i first came across several years ago in the Technique Junkies newsletter – cuttlebug smoosh.  ink your folder gently so you get ink on the raised portion of ONE side of your folder.  ANY ink works for this.  lay your paper in, close it and emboss – now the portion that is LOWER is inked.  then use lighter/other colors of ink to further ink the raised portions.  i covered it all in rock candy distress stickles and it gives it a faint sparkle reminiscent of winter landscapes.  i used various grungeboard letters for my wording – these are old style with the embossing already on them – and i sprayed them like the die cuts and then inked the embossed portions lightly.

Now for the main attraction 🙂  i started with some sticky back canvas – of course you don’t HAVE to use sticky back canvas.  but it does add nice texture and since i happened to have some…i did NOT have a tattered floral die (thought i did but nope…) so instead i used another floral sizzix die as well as a holly die and flourish die – all of which i got SUPER CHEAP by watching the sizzix site for their tuesday super discounts.

to start i needed to color my canvas.  tim used color wash spray but all you need is some reinker and water – any reinkers will work.  mist with a couple different shades to get some depth and interest.  finish off with a mist of coordinating perfect pearls mist – perfect pearls powder and water in a mister.  next i put the canvas on grungepaper.  then i ran it through my cuttlebug with my sizzix dies – cuttlebug works PERFECTLY with sizzix dies – just use a B plate on top and on bottom.  i cut the petals apart, distress stickled them and arranged them in layers.  i had some of tim’s buttons on hand and used one in the center of the larger flower – it started as turquoise in the center so i changed it to green with a drop of alcohol ink.  then i added a yoyo to the center of the smaller flower.  i had a bare spot once all the die cuts were arranged so i popped in another flower button.

i know the temptation is strong to run out and buy all of the things you may not have that are used in each tag but times are tough and especially right now while we are all trying to buy christmas gifts i encourage you all to think outside the box and use what you have rather than buy more.  do you have the distress stripes folder?  do you have other brands of reinker to make your own colorwash spray?  do you already have glitter and glue you can use in place of the distress stickles?  do you have other dies you can use or maybe your cricut you can cut shapes out with?  can you use the ideas on something OTHER than flowers?  most of al PLAY and HAVE FUN experimenting and trying new things!  and remember if you DO need to buy soem items shop around, try your fave stores first and always google for the best prices!  of course my offer of 25% off is still open too if you REALLY need something – my way of helping out during a time of year when we are ALL stretching our dollars as much as possible!!!

hugs all!!!!


One Response

  1. This is really great! Your mom will love it!

    I think you did great with the products you have. I always like to get the inspiration & then make things with what I have on hand.

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