Viva Decor Day 6: Textured Wreath

hi all!

i am going to apologize before i even get started.  Pezza did not stop throwing up and go to sleep until after 1 am this morning so i am EXHAUSTED.   i am hoping i can still string together coherent sentences for you!  luckily she seems MUCH better this morning and has kept some dry cereal down for about 10 minutes now…

But the show must go on!!!

day 6 of our Viva Decor party here at Pezadoodle Designs! Viva Decor has been SO generous and is supplying prize packs for one of YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 7 days!!! How do you win? simply leave a comment on the post for each day. want extra chances to win? there are two ways to get your name thrown into the hat for two more chances. subscribe to my blog via email AND announce this party on your blog! if you post the link i will be automatically notified so you don’t need to come back here and let me know.

Today is another home decor item!

I started with a one of the awesome Kaisercraft Beyond the Page items – a wreath.  let’s talk aout that for a minute – Kaisercraft Beyond The Page items are awesome home decor items made out of wood (or something incredibly close to wood but NOT just chipboard.)  they are very sturdy and SO fun to use.  The wreath came in pieces so each piece is really easy to decorate the way you want before you put it all together.  Unfortunately for me i had nto put it together yet yesterday so i got up this morning and did it on 3 1/2 hours of sleep and then realized i made a SQUARE wreath.  GRRRR….so i hope you forgive me!

Now for today’s fabby giveaway:

these yummy little jars are filled with some truly fabulous stuff!  what i have for you here are three of the  many incredible texture paste type products that Viva does so incredibly well.  Stone effect is exatly that – it is crushed up stone – quartz, granite, etc and when it dries it goves you an incredible stone texture.  Ferro is a textural paste the looks very much like ground metal in incredible colors with a subtle almost vintage-y glitz to them.  3D Glitter Gel is a colored gel base filled with sparkling glitter AND microbeads so you get a great look and intriguing texture.  these are incredible to use alone for covering like i have here but they can also be used in other ways.  the glitter gel is AMAZING in conjunction with stencils.  you can *draw* in the Ferro after applying it.  You can also embed things into these, skittles, pezabling, beads, etc.  Fabulous versatile stuff!

now for the tutorial:


  • Wooden Kaisercraft Wreath
  • Stone Effect Paste – Green (Viva Décor)
  • Ferro – Golden Green (Viva Décor)
  • 3D Glitter Gel – Red (Viva Décor)
  • Plastic palette knives
  • Acrylic paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • Large craft bow


  1.  The wooden pieces come connected to each other.  i got them apart easily with my Tom Holtz scissors.  now begin by painting your pieces – i did mine red and green but i was also considering doing them brown which would have worked too.
  2. Next cover your pieces with your Viva Pastes – i use a palette knife and smooth it on.  The Ferro & Glitter gel stick easily and spread on like icing. 

The Stone effect takes a little more finessing to apply but it is still not difficult.

These pictures DO NOT do these products justice but i hope they give you an idea of how incredible these products are!

Step 4: I used a hot glue gun to glue the various pieces to the wood ring base.  Quick, easy and holds really well!  Then i attached a big Christmas-y floral bow.  If you do not know how to make these you can purchase the ribbon at your craft store and have their florist do the bow for you.

All three of these products come in a variety of colors – Blackberry being my favorite of course!!!  check them all out!  Don’t forget to post your comment here so you are in the drawing to win!  Now i am outta here – i may just need a nap before i go to the MOMS club crafting day on my calendar for today!



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  1. That was goregous. Would love to try the Ferro products but not sure if they are available in Australia.

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