Viva Decor day 5: ramp up your gift wrapping!

Good morning!

my poor little Pezza is pretty sick this morning 😦  however, her brother had this a few days ago and it seems to be just a 24 stomach thing so i have my fingers crossed for her!

speaking of the older one – we got him a new car yesterday:

it’s a black mustang – he had driven it and wanted it really bad but we weren’t sure about it.  so yesterday kev decided to go for it and went and got it while trev was at school.  it was so fun watching him pull up from school with his friend and see the car in the driveway.

he is a happy camper!

and now why you are really here!

day 4 of our Viva Decor party here at Pezadoodle Designs! Viva Decor has been SO generous and is supplying prize packs for one of YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 7 days!!! How do you win? simply leave a comment on the post for each day. want extra chances to win? there are two ways to get your name thrown into the hat for two more chances. subscribe to my blog via email AND announce this party on your blog! if you post the link i will be automatically notified so you don’t need to come back here and let me know

on with today’s idea!  a GREAT gift set – card and wooden gift box!

the bag

the card

And today’s giveaway:


  • Wooden gift bag (big box craft stores)
  • Precious Metal Color – Pistachio (Viva Décor)
  • Crackle – Blackberry (Viva Décor)
  • paintbrush
  • plastic pallette knife
  • Stamped image – i stamped mine on watercolor paper using archival ink and then watercolored with distress inks
  • Mod podge
  • Pearl Pen – Lilac and Chrome Silver (Viva Décor)
  • Glitter Liner – Holographic (Viva Décor)
  • White Poinsettias
  • Glue dots
  • Ribbons


Step 1: Paint your wooden piece with Precious Metal Color paint – i am in love with green & purple together and have noticed christmas stuff in this color combo recently, so i decided to do that here.  i used Pistachio for my base coat.

The Precious Metal Color paints are just amazing!  The metallic shimmer is gorgeous and the colors are fantastic.  They work on all surfaces including slick ones and give a wonderful one coat coverage.  Plus they are weather proof and soap and water clean up – really the best of all worlds!

Step 2:  Adhere your stamped image or other focal point using Mod Podge.

My images for both of these are from I Brake For Stamps and hand drawn by my very own immensely talented brother!  (So go check out his whole set ok!  you can buy them in a set or individually).  I would put the link in here for you but for some reason it is not working today 😛

Next use a plastic pallette knife to apply some Crackle paint.  Let’s talk about the crackle for a moment – this stuff ROCKS!  the colors are fantastic, you get alot in the jar and they are allsomewhat metallic.  PLUS you get more random cracks and the cracks are larger which i really like!

i put it on randomly and did not completely cover the whole front because i have that gorgeous Pistachio PMC paint too!

Step 3:  Let’s customize our poinsettias a bit!  The great thing about white flowers is you can do SO many things to them so they match your project completely.  In this case we want them to have some pale purple and some glitter so we use our Viva Decor pens.

It is SO hard to see in the picture but these are from Petaloo and they have a sort of tulle layer on top of the petals.  so i painted the petals with Lilac Pearl pen and then put Holographic Glitter liner on the tulle petals.

Step 4: Put it all together!

In this picture you can really see the crakle – the cracks are not quite as big on paper – the PMC paint is a bit slicker of a surface.  i did try to rub them off – they are on there GOOD!  to finish up i made a bow out of 4 lengths of thin ribbon and attached it along with the flowers.

Next i took a Chrome Silver and Lilac Viva Pearl pen and added some pearls along the handle.

The Viva Pens are incredible – they sink down into perfect little dome shaped pearls automatically with no thumping.

Now remember – leave me a comment for your chance to win today’s group of Viva goodies!  i love to hear what you think!  Are you finding the products ok?  i know one person has already contacted me looking for the silver alcohol ink so do let me know if you are having trouble!  there is a list of retailers on the Viva Decor US site too!



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  1. This is such a neat project…really loving this! Thanks for sharing. Carol M in TX

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