Viva Decor Party Day 3 – perfectly unique embellishments

day 3 of our Viva Decor party here at Pezadoodle Designs! Viva Decor has been SO generous and is supplying prize packs for one of YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 7 days!!! How do you win? simply leave a comment on the post for each day. want extra chances to win? there are two ways to get your name thrown into the hat for two more chances. subscribe to my blog via email AND announce this party on your blog! if you post the link i will be automatically notified so you don’t need to come back here and let me know

and now on with today’s idea! Easy clay embellishments!

(Stamp is a newly released Elisabeth Bell for Susana’s Custom Art & Card Design)

(Stamp is Inkadinkadoo – frame is from the Cindy Loo cricut Cartridge)

And the prize today is all of the Viva Decor products you need to do today’s tutorial:

• Pardo Jewelry Clay – Old Gold (908), Red Fire Opal (418), Jade (701), Blue Zircon (603) (Viva décor)
• Precious Metal Color paint – Mother of Pearl (Viva Décor)
• Index Card
• Inka Gold – Old Silver (Viva Décor)
• Cuttlebug Embossing folder(s)
• Rolling pin (small)
• Slicer or razor blade
• Flexible molds (I get them on Etsy)
• Mica powder (like perfect pearls)

Pardo Jewelry Clay by Viva Décor is NOT just for jewelry. However you will notice most of the color names are jewelry elements. It is a Polymer Clay that DOES require baking. However, because of its unique beeswax base it is exceptionally easy to work with compared to all other Poly Clays. In fact it is ideal for the hard core clay enthusiast as well as the part-time dabbler because you do not need to have a pasta machine or clay roller handy. This tutorial is geared towards the dabbler who would like to make something new to use as embellishments on their crafts.

Step 1. Condition your clay in your hands – warming it up between your palms will make it easier to knead it. Once it is soft and pliable it is ready to work with. Keep in mind the temperature in your room will have an effect on this clay. If my room is overly chilly while I am working it is more difficult to keep my clay pliable so I have to remember to warm it with my hands while working.

Step 2. First we will use pre-made molds. I am in LOVE with the cute little flexible molds I find on They are small, detailed and oh so easy to use and get great results with. I had very LITTLE success with the molds I found in Michaels.

Once my clay has been worked I simply break off a small piece that looks the right size for my mold and form a ball with my hands. I smoosh it into the mold and then gently flex the mold so my shape falls right out! It really is that easy! Depending on your mold shape you want to pay attention to your edges. I sometimes use a razor blade to cut the excess clay flush with the mold. Check out that detail!

Step 3. Another way to make some embellishments is with your embossing folders. Condition your clay so it is pliable. Now roll it out. You don’t want it to thin or you won’t be able to emboss it. Because the embossing folders are less flexible and a different type of material the clay tends to stick. To prevent this dust them lightly on both sides with Mica Powder. This prevents sticking AND gives a bit of a shimmer to your piece. Lay your flattened clay in the folder and roll over it with a rolling pin or even a can. Carefully open the folder and remove the clay.

Now you can cut it into a useable shape with simple Makins Clay Cutters or just a razorblade and ruler.

Step 4. You can accentuate your pieces in one of two ways. You can give your piece a light wash with some water and Precious Metal Color so that it sinks into the indented portions.

OR you can go over the embossing VERY VERY lightly with a tiny bit of Inka Gold so it just catches the raised portions.

Another great enhancement goes back to your mica powder.  Simply take a soft brush, dip it into the powder and brush it lightly across your piece for some subtle gorgeous shimmer.

Once you have your pieces the way you want them, place them on index cards and place those on a cookie sheet.  Bake according to package directions.

You can see from these poinsettias the different looks.  the two on the right have a precious metal wash and the two on the left have Inka Gold Old Silver.

Use these pieces on your card fronts or tags as embellishments or to create a focal point.  i love making my own custom clay embellishments and Pardo Clay makes it SO much easier since it is so easy to soften and condition.


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  1. I can’t wait to try and make my own embellishments. Thanks for sharing this wonderful technique.

  2. Cool Project!

    Thansk for a chance to win.

  3. The cards are so nice. The embellishments are great and really make the cards. Thanks for showing us how to do this.

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