Viva Party Day 2 – GREAT gift technique!

day 2 of our Viva Decor party here at Pezadoodle Designs!  Viva Decor has been SO generous and is supplying prize packs for one of YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY for the next 7 days!!!  How do you win?  simply leave a comment on the post for each day.  want extra chances to win?  there are two ways to get your name thrown into the hat for two more chances.  subscribe to my blog via email AND announce this party on your blog!  if you post the link i will be automatically notified so you don’t need to come back here and let me know

and now on with today’s idea!  a Stenciled glass platter!

And the prize today is all of the Viva Decor products you need to do today’s tutorial:


  • Glass item to decorate (I used a plate I found at Target)
  • Vinyl stencil (I made my own with my Cricut but you can purchase them as well)
  • Viva Décor Glass Effect Gel Pens
  • Plastic palette knife
  • Viva Décor Satine paint
  • Sponge applicator
  • Blending stump



  1. The stencil – if decorating an item for use with food I suggest decorating the side that will not come in contact with food or utensils.  Viva products are non toxic but it will protect the design from constant contact with utensils.
    1. Clean your glass well using alcohol to remove smudges, dust and any oils from fingers.
    2. Apply your stencils.  You can purchase pre-made vinyl stencils OR make your own using your cricut or other die cutting system. 
  • On your Cricut machine – set your blade depth to one, turn multi cut OFF and cut.
  • To transfer stencils onto your surface use contact paper.  Remove unwanted portions of your stencil, lay contact paper (or transfer tape) over the stencil, peel up carefully and lay onto your surface, smooth down so the vinyl sticks and then peel off the contact paper.
  1. Choosing your gel and/or paint.
    1. Glass Effect Gel – This is a translucent colored gel very similar to the Gloss Gel we used in Day 1’s tutorial.  However, this gel will hold up to washing, including through the dishwasher!  In addition it is a thinner consistency than the Gloss Gel.  It is important to keep this in mind when working with it.  For example, if you make dots, do not put them to close together or they will flatten out and run into each other.
    2. Satine – This is a pearlescent paint that gives the effect of etched glass when applied with a sponge.  It will hold up to hand washing (I have not tried it through the dishwasher YET).  The best part – it comes in colors!  Glass etching is only white.
    3. You can use either of these or both in your design.  I used the Glass effect Gels for my stenciled designs and then edged my plate in ruby Satine.
    4. Applying your gels and paint.
      1. Work on ONE stencil at a time. 
      2. Do not over – apply the gel since it is thin and can run easily.  I use a plastic palette knife to smooth it on.
      3. The satine is easier and more forgiving to apply.  Simply put a dab on a sponge applicator and dab it over the stencil to get the frosted glass effect
      4. IMPORTANT – be sure to remove your stencil immediately after applying the gel or paint.  If you let it dry you will remove some of your design when pulling up the stencil.  Peel off your stencil carefully.  IF your gel spatters anywhere or you have a slightly uneven edge you can use a blending stump to clean it up.
    5. Finishing touches
      1. For my design I needed to hand draw the wire connecting the lightbulbs.  I gave myself a pattern to work from by first drawing the design onto the opposite side (in this case the top side) using a copic alcohol marker.  This way I can easily wipe it back off with alcohol when I am done.
      2. Edge your piece with Satine.

i think the possibilities are just endless with these two products!  especially for my readers who own Cricuts!  And if you don’t own one yet i hear they will have a SUPERB deal at Walmart on Black Friday again!

so leave me your thoughts for a chance to win!



55 Responses

  1. Beautiful ideas to go with these wonderful Viva products! Can’t wait to see more! I’ve been getting your emails for a while now.

  2. This is awesome! What a great gift idea!

  3. Wow!!! I am broke this holiday season, so am unable to purchase gifts for some people I generally would. This would give me the ability to still give them gifts. I would love to win these products!! Thanks for offering them Marti AND Viva Decor!!!

  4. That Glass effect Gel is so great.

    Love the plate, that’s a good gift idea.

    Thanks for a chance to win!

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