The Cake

hi all!

ahhhh – it does feel nice not to have to rush off anywhere in the morning!  so i am sitting here STILL in my pajamas and wishing i coudl stay in them all day.  BUT we have gymnastics at 1:45 so no luck on that!  it has been fairly chilly here lately.  seems like the mild fall weather was a bit short lived….i think it will be in the 60s later this week tho – that’s perfect!

well i thought after all the moaning and groaning i did i should show y’all the finished Pezza cake so here it is along with the cupcakes:

i think it all turned out cute but i feel like it is kinda plain.  perhaps next time i will do the gumpaste decorations FIRST and more ahead of time.  then bake and decorate just before the event…i also will design it in Design Studio first so i can just cut a whole sheet at once – that will save some time and frustration cutting too maybe 😛  my next Cake adventure (if there is one hee heee) will likely be cookies.

here is the happy birthday girl:

as long as the birthday girl approves it’s all good right?!?!?!?  AND it DID TASTE DELICIOUS!

i am off to play catch up – i am dreadfully behind on posting my magazine PDFs and for all of you subscribers i DO apologize!!!  don’t forget to check out the submission calls – the more we get the better!!!  we want our magazine to be by all of YOU!

i would also love some input on the last couple issues.  will you be using any of the Holiday Issue ideas?

have a fabulous day!!!


3 Responses

  1. Great Cake Marti! Your talent is always amazing!! I also love the new picture of your and little Pezza…that’s a nice keepsake and she looks VERY happy!!

    Best wishes and thanks for sharing!!


  2. The cake looks great! I think you did a fabulous job. Glad they were yummy too. That’s all that matters.

  3. The cake looks super & Pezza looks happy as can be………and that’s what it’s all about!
    Happy Huggies ~

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