SCACD: an ornament for ya!

happy monday!

i know i know that’s an oxymoron but i thought i would at least try!  our weekend was insanity busy.  hubby has been working out of town and only home on the weekends – which means ANYTHING that needs to be done/taken care of has to happen on saturday and sunday.  not always an easy thing to do.  this weekend we had drake and dianne still here for their visit – this was the first time kevin got to see them, plus pezza’s birthday party at Pump It Up AND then they went over to his parent’s house for another little party over there.  on top of that he had to put new tires on his car and change the oil BEFORE he has to drive back up to PA this morning.  well needless to say the tire changing took the ENTIRE weekend so he didn’t get a break and none of us got to spend any time with him 😛  on top of that i made pezza’s cake with my Cricut Cake – well THAT was an unbelievably time consuming process!  we’ll have more on that tomorrow 😉

we did have a FABULOUS family dinner last night – filet mignon and all the fixins of a big dinner that dianne and i made together.  i really like her alot – drake picked well, which actually doesn’t surprise me.  he is a pretty bright grounded kid, just incredibly unconventional.  and no he still doesn’t have a job which i give him a hard time about every chance i get!  we also had trev’s girlfriend, brianna over too so it was a full house!  we ate in the formal dining room which had pezza very excited and i was glad we did it that way rather than going out to eat somewhere. tho i am not sure how i have children old enough to be hosting dinners with the girlfriends 😛

ok ENOUGH with the chatter of my weekend!  i am sure that’s not why you are here!


my friend enfys has a FANTASTIC giveaway going on over on her blog – 148 Promarkers to one lucky winner!  CLICK HERE to check it out!!!


today my DT sister, Kim and i are making a mess for SCACD with precious metals – Precious Metal Color is a metallic paint by Viva Decor with amazing color and coverage. They can be used on virtually any surface and it only takes one coat for complete coverage! the colors are vibrant, deep, and have an incredible metallic shimmer. our challenge was to make an ornament. Susana has some fantastic paper mache ornaments in the store that i have been enjoying playing with and here is one:

i used a sponge dabber to put the paint on. there are three colors here – golden green, crimson and mother of pearl. i covered the ornament completely, blending a bit where the colors meet up. aren’t they BEAUTIFUL! Once dry (and it dries fairly quickly) i used a crafters workshop stencil for the swirl. i used a pen to mark dots along the swirl so i could use them as a guide. then i dotted the swirl with gold viva decor glitter liner.

to finish it off i used these amazing velvet Poinsettias by Petaloo. these are amazing – i really love them! there are quite a few fantastic new things from Petaloo in the store for you to check out! so what can YOU do with these versatile paper mache ornaments???


We are ONE week away from a spectacular blog celebration i have planned in conjunction with viva decor so i will be very busy working on that for all of you – trust me when i say you WILL NOT want to miss it!!!!


i hope you have a super fun day ahead and appreciate you stopping by!!!  let me know what you think of this fun, easy ornament – i love feedback!


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  1. That’s a really pretty ornament! I love the shine & the flowers seem so velvety. Great idea to use the stencil for the swirl.

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