one gorgeous pumpkin!

What a weekend!  went to the eye doctor saturday – apparently my vision is not so hot close up OR far away.  the far away is not too bad at this point so i only got the close up glasses for now – aging body here i come BLECH!

on sunday we got to carve pezza’s hunormous pumpkin – it weighs MORE than her!  sorry no after pic yet – i forgot OOPS!

i played around with my halloween digi kit by kimberley stewart – she is one of my FAVE digi artists!  you can see her and lots of other fab artists at Scrapbook Elements.


New Release time is approaching at SCACD and you know what that means – BLOG CANDY!!!  Susana is releasing stamps from a BRAND NEW ARTIST and let me tell you they are awesome stamps!  CLICK HERE to read all about it and see the first sneak peek puzzle piece!  4 people will win a FULL SHEET of the new stamps!!!  now that’s what i call blog candy!  one winner will recieve a 20% off coupon at Storage Units Inks and More!  all you have to do is go to THIS POST and answer susana’s question!

In addition there will be some REALLY good prizes to be won during the blog hop this friday – 20% off coupons!  to win you just hop along with us and leave a comment on each blog – then susana will draw random names!


i have a particularly good project for you today – at least I think it is – i am overly pleased with myself on this one!  i mentioned when i was at my mom’s last week she took me on a shopping spree at Hobby Lobby.  they not only have loads of crafting goodies but also some gorgeous home decor items.  in the fall section i spied several pumpkins that i fell in love with.  however i did not buy them as i felt sure i could duplicate the look.  with a little help from Viva Decor of course!  so i got to work on my first one and WOW!

i started with plain brown paper mache pumpkin i picked up at Joanns.  i so hope they get more of this stuff in for Christmas as i have a hard time finding it.

when i was done it had become this:

from another angle:

dontcha just LOVE IT when something comes out JUST like you pictured it in your head???  (crossing my fingers the other one does too!)

the best part – it could NOT have been simpler – having the right products to work with is key and Viva Decor was JUST the right thing!  Wanna know how to do it???  (It is also listed in my Etsy shop if you don’t want to do one yourself!)


The base is critical for this look – you need a paper mache shape that is NOT smooth.  most of the time they are smooth but these shapes tend to be very lumpy and bumpy.  i tried to distress a smooth one – NOT the same look (which was very disappointing).  i know there are shapes out there by Craft Pedlar but i have had an ENORMOUSLY hard time finding them and to get them from my wholesaler i have to buy like 12 at a time.  there is a reindeer shape and a santa boot i am really hoping to see in a store 😛  here is one place that i found the pumpkin but i cannot vouch for them personally as i have never ordered there – Hofcraft

wouldn’t he be AWESOME????  but you get the picture.  so check your craft stores ladies and gents!

Next you need flat black paint, Viva Decor Inka Gold in two colors (i used gold and orange yellow but copper would also work), some cool Fall picks from your craft store (these are cheap) and a hot glue gun.

Now paint your shape COMPLETELY with the black paint – make SURE you get it into all the little dents and such.  Let it dry completely.  now the fun (and messy) part.  Open one of the Inka Gold colors, get just a little bit on your finger tip (or a sponge) and begin to VERY lightly rub it over one of the pumpkin sections – you want to catch the raised parts and NOT get it into the indentations – those need to stay black.  so don’t get alot on your finger at once and don’t press hard.  go over the surface of every other section until you are happy with the look.  Next open your second color and do the same thing on the rest of your black sections.

Set it aside for a few minutes to let the inka gold finish stiffening up.  Buff it with a dry paper towel.

Now you can leave it as is or add the fall decorative picks or a bow on top.  i cut the wires on mine down to a reasonable size and then played with them to see what i liked.  i bent the wires where necessary and then glued them using a hot glue gun.  all of the bottoms of the wires were together and visible so i cut off one last flower and glued it over them to hide them.  this would also be a good spot for a ribbon bow!

pretty easy right!??!?!

wanna see more like this?  then you won’t want to miss a little blog party i am throwing with Viva Decor the week of Nov. 15th!!!  AND there willbe lots to win!!!

what do you think?



6 Responses

  1. I love it!!! Hope our JoAnns has those in stock by the time I get to go shopping! Good job!

  2. Gorgeous!

  3. WOW!! I LOVE it and think you did a great job! Now I wish I had one, to make. I’m soo tired from yesterday’s workshop, but boy did I have fun!

    You are right….TIM rocks and is a fabulous teacher.

    By the way — You and Suzanne also are awesome teachers….I love you ALL!!


  4. That is just gorgeous! I’d love to try some of those inka gold paints.

    And the pics of Pezza are adorable! The first one looks like she’s could to stick her head in & wear it over her head – lol!

  5. Just beautiful, Marti! You are such a talent! Blessings to you!

  6. OMG Marti~~ your messy projects are blowin me away Hun!!!
    Keep em comin 😀

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