Artful Inkables challenge 31:buzzin’ through again

happy wednesday y’all!  i am havin’ lots of fun down at my mom’s.  she lives in south louisiana – and i mean SOUTH louisiana – you can’t get a whole lot more south without being in the gulf!  i LOVE it here – it’s where i grew up plus it’s just plain awesome.  the people are SO friendly, the culture is SO rich, the food, the landscape, the architecture – nothing compares.  i feel quite sure i will end up back here one day 🙂

so far the two highlights of my trip:

HOBBY LOBBY!!!!!  *squeal* i had no IDEA it was so incredible.  my momma took me on a huge shopping spree in there – she spoils me big time i have to admit – and i LOVE IT!!!)  i found lots of great stuff including alot of things i have been searching for, some for years, and never found anywhere else.  i also got some GREAT ideas for some projects i will be jumping into when i get home!  of course Pezza got a shopping spree too and she was thrilled.  then we had lunch at the Olive Garden – YUMMY!!!  THANKS MOMMA!!!

second highlight – bringing Pezza over for a little reunion with Brett next door and getting to see Gemi and the other kids again.  they live next door in the plantation house that my family built about 200+ years ago.  LOVE that place and love all the things she has done with it and the resoration and ways she has improved it.  her youngest son brett is just a few weeks older than hollyn and they ADORE each other.  gemi, my mom and i are already talking arranged marriage LMBO!  they play together so well and brett is so so sweet to her.  the grounds are heaven over there.  they have a portion in the back that operates as a wildlife preserve for injured or abandoned deer so there are 8 in there now and they run right up to the fence to see ya!  so pez was feeding them right out of her hand!  they have a baby goat that was hilarious too.  brett is so sweet with pez and helps her and takes care of her.  when they were giving us a ride back to my mom’s in the golf cart pez had her head in his lap and he had his arm around.  then after he told his momma he loves pez’s voice because it’s so adorable!  AWWWWW!!!

ok down to business here!!!

Today is Artful Inkables day!  The current challenge was given to us by one of the customers.  We were to use embossing of any type, flowers and had an option for lace.  here is what i came up with for this one:

i have been wanting to use this adorable bee cuttlebeg embossing folder since i got it and so it was my jumping off point here.  i got my colors from the strip of Close To My Heart patterned paper i had in my scrap heap.  i crocheted the flower myself and i do think it’s a bit lacy but that might be stretching it a bit!  i used one of my own printed skittles for the center and some sparkly blue pezabling for accent – both are available in my store!

The adorable little bee is from one of my fave AI sets – Spot On Summer – a bunch of cute little images with spaces for button accents like the yellow button here.  the wings got a quick coat of Pink Highlights Creative Inspirations Paint for some yummy sparkle.  now head on over to the Artful Inkables blog to see the challenge and join us!  you could win a 10% off coupon for AI AND host an upcoming challenge!  if you use an Artful Inkables stamp in the challenge you get TWO chances to win!!!

Hollyn will be heading over to Brett’s to play again today so i will get some down time – YAY!  now i am off to start on a super cute pumpkin hat i want to crochet for her real quick!  have a GREAT day!


4 Responses

  1. AWWWWW is right – what an adorable story about the kids! Glad you’re having a good time.

    I can’t believe that you’ve never been to HL before! I like it because they don’t have the same old stuff as the other stores.

  2. adorable card. Super job.

  3. Love your card, Marti…..

    Where did you get this Cuttlebug folder?? I can’t find it anywhere……. my email is I would love to know….. Thank you in advance.

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