an Artful ATC challenge

hi everyone!

OH what a day!  for starters i am MISERABLE with allergy/sinus crud and a WEE bit cranky 😛  then i take hollyn to school for her field trip and find out when i get there that i have to DRIVE her to the field trip and home and so basically go on the trip with her.  so there went my whole morning’s worth of work time 😦  but i thought hey i will run home, grab my camera and get some great pics of her with her class.  i come home to grab it real quick and can’t find it ANYWHERE even tho i had JUST used it to take pictures of trev in his toga for toga day today (yes i had already done a toga this morning.)  so we head off to the pumpkin farm field trip, get on the hay ride (which was one of the best i have been one) and i mention to the teacher how i can’t find my camera.  hollyn starts saying sorry sorry momma.  turns out she hid it in a box. a third of the way thru the hay ride hollyn gets stung badly by a bee on her hand.  so she is SCREAMING in pain for the rest of the way while i am feeling SO helpless and upset i can’t do anything for her.  we get back and get some mustard for it which fixes her right up thank goodness (always carry mustard packs in your purse folks).  i am happy to report the rest of the field trip went off without a hitch.  they had a fantastic corn maze and then we headed to the pumpkin patch – she decided she wanted the biggest pumpkin possible and how can you say no to a child recently traumatized by a bee, so she came home the proud new owner of a 34 pound pumpkin!

and just to make sure my day turned around there was 28 pounds of provo craft goodness waiting for me on my front porch – my imagine has finally arrived!  so now i have TWO fanTABulous gizmos begging for attention and no idea how i am going to squeeze out time for them before i leave for my mom’s on monday!  hhhmmmmm do i REALLY need to participate in that tag sale tomorrow???  i SO want to play!

I am working up something HUGE that will hit the blog mid-november – stay tuned because you will NOT want to miss this!

ALSO mark your calendars if you are a subscriber to Through the Craft Room Door.  we will be having a Live Chat / Scavenger Hunt with LOADS of prizes on Oct. 18th from 7:30 – 9:00 on the magazine website.  Holiday issues should be hitting your inboxes and mailboxes around the 15th!!!  now we are gearing up for the Nov issue coming right behind it!

The current challenge over on the Artful Inkables blog is ATCs.  I just got this super cute fall mini set called Autumn’s Flower (on sale right now):

i have to be honest i have not done too many ATCs (not sure if i have done any actually).  so i thought of this set immediately because it would work so well size-wise.


I picked this gorgeous SEI fall paper from my scrap basket along with a deep chocolate base.  i inked and then distressed the edges.  next i used Marvey markers directly on my stamp and then stamped it onto glossy paper – this really makes the image stand out.  as a finishing touch i added a strip of Earth Elements by Art Institute Glitter – love this stuff!!!  you can really see the natural texture it gives to your project.

and now i am off to make a quick dinner (thank you Dinner Diva Girls!) and we are heading to an Upper Loudoun Youth Football League game to see my friend Heather’s daughter (4 years old) cheer and see what pezza thinks about it.  then i hand her off to her dad and head to my friend Stacey’s house for an SU tech club get together!  fun fun!



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