craft room clean up

hi all!

wow i have never been SO neglectful of my blog before!  let me just say i THOROUGHLY enjoyed the Splitcoast get together this weekend!!  what a great group and such incredible goodies from the swap!  some truly fabby talent!  thank you girls for a fun day!

ok so i told you i was cleaning up and cleaning out in my craft room (as well as many other areas of the house).  i have had a number of people ask for finished pics so i have a quickie slide show for ya – it is nothing spectacular.  pretty much a bunch of tables and some cheap plastic storage tubs and drawers from walmart and target.  but i do LOVE it in my room!

my table and pezza’s table are only a couple feet apart so that’s nice for both of us.  the things i have on the wall holding all my bottles (alcohol inks, viva pens, stickles, etc) are actually spice racks from target – they work perfectly!  in front of my work table is a tall deep shelf unit that hold all of my bins of stamps and the bottom shelf holds all of my 12×12 & patterned papers.  i like this set up better than my old one because my cricut and sewing machine are in two different areas now AND i can now watch tv from my main work desk!

maybe one day i will have one of those super set ups like you see in magazines!  but it will definitely NOT be anytime in the near future!  so for now i am happy with what i’ve got!  certainly more than anything i had dreamed of years ago!

i hope your week has been off to a great start!!!


6 Responses

  1. Love the spice rack storage…I wish I had that much space to work in;)

  2. I like the spice racks, too. got to get a couple.
    To be honest, I saw the before pic, and I must say- good job!!!! It’s so easy to fall behind in this area.

  3. Love your room & your place for Pezza to craft right along with you, Marti. How sweet is that. Love your “spice” racks too (those are my kind of spices….LOL).
    Huggies ~

  4. Great room Marti. Too sweet that pezza has her own table there too. 🙂

  5. Great room Marti. I do love the spice racks……. I may need to visit Target.

    Also I adore you picture area. I really must do that in this room…..just not sure where to put it due to all of the storage bins every where, yes I have a storage bin collection too.

    I love Pezza’s area. My kids are grown, but I do have Granddtrs, hmmmmmm.

  6. Congratulations! You have SOOO much space and that’s wonderful. My room is not nearly as big and I have NO room for a sewing machine…not that I can even sew!

    Love the organizing!!! You did a great job!!!

    I LOVE to organize and love how nice my room looks, when it’s nice an neat!


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