SCS get together!

hi everyone!!

we have had an exciting morning around the pezadoodle house.  pezza has been up since 4:30…no that’s not a typo.  she is trying to kill me.  by 7:30 in the morning i had been hung on, yelled at, whined to, berated for junk food and fired – all while trying to get some work done.  good thing she’s cute huh???  apparently when i took her up for her bath she noticed her naked skin matched our carpet color.  i here from my room hey mom wanna see me camouflage myself?  i look out the bath room door and she plants her naked self face down on the carpet and says LOOK! you can’t see me!!!  thank god for preschool is all i have to say after my morning!!!


susana has brought MORE NEW STUFF into the store so i wanted to be sure and tell you about it!  new Kraftin’ Kimmies stamps – terribly sassy!  new Tiffany Collection Petaloos – really pretty!  New Crate and Cosmo Cricket 6×6 paper stacks – i so love the 6×6 size!


i have been INSANELY busy lately.  between my regular work load, 3 issues of the magazine back to back to get the bonus holiday issue out to you and an SCS get tgether i am participating in it has just been crazy!

i can’t wait for the SCS party.  It is being held at Angela’s Happy Stamper in Reston VA.  there are 20 people attending.  we have an ABC swap, snacks to bring, PLUS i am teaching everyone TWO Viva Decor projects – a pin like i did for CHA plus a card technique i am in love with but can’t share on the blog quite yet!

so i have been working on my swap project – a set of 3 tags:

this is part of the process i had going – 60 tags all together YIKES!  thank goodness for my Cricut – LOVE that thing!  and i may have discovered a new fave adhesive – i got a sample at CHA and this is the first time i have used it. 

3M Scotch Scrapbooker's 2-Way Glue, 1.6 Ounce3M scrapbooker’s 2-way glue – i got a sample at CHA and so far i am in love!  it is basically a clear gel in a fat pen.  what’s awesome is that one end is a needle tip and the other side is a sponge applicator.  so that means ONE glue for these tags (or anything else) – small applicator for those teeny cricut cut layers and larger applicatore for the bigger pieces.  (do i TOTALLY sound like a commercial yet???)  my ATG gun has been beyond frustrating lately so i am really liking this stuff.  now i AM concerned about staying power AND whether that sponge applicator will be useable a second time – those things tend to dry out and be useless pretty quickly.  if they would put their quick dry white adhesive in this applicator style i would be even happier!  ok enough about that – here’s the three tags i am swapping to everyone:

cute but pretty simple – which is a necessity when you do 60!

what else have we been up to in the studio – magazine stuff of course:

yep that’s my cricut cake – the snacks i bring in will be appearing in the Holiday Issue so the attendees will get sneak peeks.

pez has been helping too of course!!!

well i have loads to do today so i am outta here!!!


5 Responses

  1. Marti, that Pez is one hilarious girl! Love how she blended in to the carpet! so cute! Great job on the tags. I’ve never made more than 20 of anything paper-craft related!

  2. OMGosh………I’m tired just reading about what’s going on there. And your Pezza is sooooo funny……….camouflage! Too cute! LOL
    Have fun at your get together!
    Huggies ~

  3. Just wanted to let you know that Michael’s is carrying the Scotch/3M Scrapbooker’s glue. They also had rebate forms so you can get it FREE!

  4. Can’t wait to see what you made with your cake. I still haven’t had time to get mine out. I’ve been doing all the stuff for the J’s Xmas ads & it’s killing me.

    I think I beat you on lack of sleep today. I finished the cookies at 6:37am & got up at 7:02 to be at work at 7:30!

  5. […] decorating will happen on friday!!! if you want to see what i am bringing for the swap you can go HERE if you want to see one of the make n takes i will be doing with you click HERE if you want to be […]

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