Makin’ a Mess for SCACD!

hi all!

well today is Pezza’s first day back at school – she is SO excited!  she LOVES going to pre-school and little classes and such – no clingy kid here!  this year she is going to go three mornings a week plus one day a week will be an afternoon session too.  AHHHH mommy time!  maybe i can finally keep my house in order…tho i think she can undo HOURS worth of housecleaning in 10 minutes flat…

i will be making an appt. at the eye doc today too…..ahh the joy of hitting 40 – things just start falling apart!  reading glasses here i come…oh joy…

don’t forget to check out yesterday’s popst if you want to win something fun – i will do the drawing tomorrow!

i am here with my TOTALLY late Makin’ A Mess Monday post for ya! did you see DT sister Kim’s – fantastic job!!!!

i used the current sketch on the Mojo Monday blog (minus the tag).

for our messy selves this month we used Inka Gold (probably my MOST FAVE viva decor product) and the new Tonertex glue pens and foils susana got into the store. The Inka Gold is a metal gloss paint – a cream actually, with a beeswax base. you smear it on, let it set up for 10 minutes or so, and then buff the heck out of it quickly with a paper towel and the effect is DEE-LISH! a high gloss metallic effect and the best part is this stuff works on ANY porous surface. so wood, paper mache – you know those cute boxes and such? one coat perfect coverage with NO sanding, NO priming, COVERS imperfections and leaves you with what looks like a metallic box!!! AHHHHHHH, crafting bliss i must say! but today i did a card because i realized i had NOT used it on paper yet!!!! ACK!

well let me tell you the results are the same – gorgeous metallic gloss. i wanted to do a clean and simple card and had these amazing large white prima flowers susana carries – perfect because i can totally customize them to match my project – no searching! i just painted mine with the oh so shimmery creative inspirations paints in a darker and lighter pink – quick, easy and LOADS of shimmer! i put one of my favorite buttons in the center – it is a glittery transparent button and susana carries these also. my pink polka dot paper was my sarting point and it was just a scrap sitting on my table 😛 one side is polka dot and one is solid. i finished it off with the bronze ribbon across the middle and the teeny double bow made with my bow easy of course! THAT thing sure makes my card making easier!!!

my bottom panel is just plain white paper. i covered it with Platinum Inka Gold, let it set up and then buffed it to a high shine. next i used one of the awesome prima swirl stamps and timber brown ink (since my surface was glossy and slick). once dry (i helped it a bit with my heat gun) i took my tonertex glue pen and just highlighted some of the swirls – you don’t have to stress about working quickly because you WANT the glue to dry before going on to the next step. once dry (it says air dry so i did not help this step along) i simply laid mypiece of bronz-y tonertex foil on top of the swirls, rubbed and gently pulled it away – ta da! GOT TO love some extra wow factor!!! i used my bronze viva glitter liner to dot my punched border and jazz up the pink panels a little.
i will be using Inka Gold for ALOT of my holiday crafting this year PLUS susana just got the Precious Metal Colour paints in and i LOVE those too – they will be showing up in my holiday projects too!
happy craftiness everyone!!


4 Responses

  1. This is really pretty! I wish I had time (and money) for all the great products you share.

    I thought of you when I went to bed at 4:30am today & you were probably already up!

    It’s no fun getting old. I had to get the bifocal contacts this year, so I know what you mean. I’m having a really hard time coloring too. Yuck!

  2. Gorgeous card, Marti!

  3. Beautiful card. Love it! ~Olena~

  4. So pretty! Thanks for playing Mojo Monday!

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