cricut applique fun & a blog tart


so did anyone miss me?  i can’t believe i have not been posting but i needed the vacation!  we had a great time with my dad & step mom.  got to do a drive by visit with my buddy terri – really wished i had been able to work in a longer visit with her – she is one of the CHA 3 muskateers with me & suzanne and also owns Stampsalive – SUPER deals there and lots of stuff in stock so i encourage you to venture over and check it out.  she had 3 cricut cartridges for me – boys will be boys, simply charmed and the thanksgiving mini – yippeee!!!

i have done very little crafting since i got home because i decided to do THIS instead:

yep….that would be my craft room…in all it’s hideous glory…you know how it is with cleaning out – it always gets WAY worse before it gets any better…

i decided to rearrange and clean out my craft room…notice i left out the term organize…maybe one day.  in keeping with my blog banner – can you find the coffee cup in the picture???  anyone who posts a comment and tells me the correct color of the cup by thursday morning will be put in a drawing to win this fabulous book for holiday gift giving:

i did bring my old sewing table down from my bedroom and switched some of the tables around and moved my light box table to a corner away from in front of the window and under better lighting.  also hauled out TWO STUFFED trash bags full of trash!!  it is not quite done yet – still need to clean off my table tops {(1) 6′, (1) 8′ & (1) 4′} and finish putting my cricut cartridges away – i really need another couple of scrapcessories boxes.

honestly every room in my house could use this clean out treatment!

but i DID create a little bit!

i made this cute, quick n easy t-shirt cat dress for pezza.  i saw this collection of cat fabrics back when i knew the cat cartridge Meow was going to be released so i grabbed some.  i sewed the skirt ruffle to the bottom of the tshirt – it’s a little stiff and sticks out like a friggin hoop skirt so i need to work on that technique.  then i cut out the cat and the paw print border using Meow.  the cricut cuts fabric really well.  just buy some ultra heat n bond (got mine at joanns), iron it on to the back of your fabric, peel the paper backing off, put it on an extra sticky (new) mat fabric side up and cut.  that easy!  i slowed my speed and pressure down to low and se my blade depth on 5.  i used multi cut 3.  if you are cutting alot of shapes (like i also did for a special holiday spread in Through the Craft Room Door) you will need to take your blade out and clean off the fabric fuzz from time to time to keep it cutting well. 

next simply iron it onto your shirt or whatever you are making.  you will still need to secure the edges though i have found.  on the shirt i decided to use Viva Decor Pearl Pen which is machine washable, and did dots arond all the borders.  you could also hand stitch or machine stitch for those inclined…

it is really hard to see in the photo but the fabric i used for the paw prints says meow all over it and the fabric i used for the cat has paw prints all over it.  not sure why i was having trouble getting a good pic – weird angle perhaps…

pez has it on right now….along with a too small pair of bright orange halloween kitty pants i am hoping i can convince her to take off before we have to leave the house for anything…

i will be back to work this week getting all of those orders out that came in while i was gone and working on projects i neglected while i was away!



20 Responses

  1. I see a mug on your desk…..looks like chocolate brown or black. No matter how messy things get you need to always know where the coffee cup it!

  2. Good luck on organizing. I keep organizing too, but as soon as I start crafting it doesn’t stays that way long. I see a mug on the table by the window. On my computer it looks like a burgundy or brown color. The t-shirt kitty dress is so sweet!

  3. OK, chocolate brown, rum raisin, or a deep purple…cup # 2…I don’t detect a handle…little tall for a cup from the local Chinese eatery…with all that said if it is indeed another cup (w or w/o coffee/tea stains) how about khaki color!

  4. PS…my living room floor looks like your picture…unfortunately I have no room to shut the door on my mess…gotta clean up and put away…time to clean the house…it will be back out by the weekend…he, he, he!

  5. Not sure if it is black or dk brown….but I do see it…I enjoy coming to your blog and reading all about your crafts and family …. thanks for sharing with us..Jan

  6. isn’t it true that it has to get messier before it gets better? it is so hard to keep up w/ scrapbooking clutter since we use soooo much stuff. Good luck. I see a coffe cup on the table/desk. It appears to be either black or dark brown. It also looks like my kind of coffee cup – xtra large! thanks for sharing.

  7. The mug is on the table next to the window…looks brown to me…I’m sure everyone who crafts has their studio look like this at one time or another and we ALL need to ‘clean out’!
    Jan Castle

  8. I would have to say the cup looks like it is a perfect purple or plum color. Hope this gets me locked in for all the goodies and I hope you get your things, ahem, put away. Good Luck!!

  9. I’ll guess a dark purple/plum color for the mug.

    The dress is really cute. Glad to hear fabric is easy to cut. I’ve been wanting to try that.

  10. The coffee cup is on table near window and looks to be a deep purple. I LOVE to organize! People think I am nuts, but I am driven *giggles*

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