let the shopping begin!!

ok folks the site is ready for ya!

my second order this morning was already full of complaints (hence my decision) so i wanted to be sure to specify a couple of things:

1. My clearance area HAS been 33% for awhile now.  The difference now is that EVERYTHING ELSE is now 33% off too – ALL of my exclusive stamp lines, all studio G products, all of my custom designed exclusive embellishments, etc.

2. i am not fully stocked in all areas like i have always been in the past because i have been gearing down the store for some time.  so you will not find the FULL range of stickles for example.

i did not want to have anyone else arrive at the store site and feel i was being misleading!

now help me spread the word and re-claim my storage room space!!!




2 Responses

  1. I placed my order this morning! THANKS for some fabulous deals!

    It was a PLEASURE to shop with you!

    I’m sad to here you have had some problems already today! GEESH!!


  2. Hi Marti! Sorry to hear about the complaints 😦

    I blogged this morning and added a note about the sale on my post. It’s kinda sad seeing the store close but I see you’ve definitely got your hands full. Good luck with everything!!

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