my awesome cool not-very-exciting,-mom CHA make n take

hi all!

i know some folks are beginning to get geared up for sending the kiddos back to school.  i read some posts on facebook about some people’s kids starting kindergarten and how they are sad and will be in tears…is it bad that i am counting the days and we still have two years to go?!?!?!?!  of course i guess that’s what happens by the third…Pezzy WILL be going to pre-school 3 mornings a week and she is oh so happy about that.

well i am in the thick of final touches on the next issue of Through the Craft Room Door – some great stuff in store for ya!!!  We have 3 issues coming at ya back to back because our big holiday issue will be coming out between the Sept & Nov issues.  This one will be FULL of holiday stuff for gift giving, decorating, card making, etc with lots of guest designers!  If you haven’t submitted your ideas please do!  CLICK HERE for details.  and if you are not yet a subscriber what are you waiting for?!?!?!

anyway i thought i would take a quick break and post my one and only make n take from CHA…
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i know, most people LOVE running around doing make n takes but for some reason i don’t too much.  but this one (actually 2 combined) i just HAD to do!

i did the headband and bow at the joann’s or Michaels table – i forget which.  Then i took it over and did the button shenanigan at the Blumenthal booth (these buttons are in most chain stores – saw them at my joanns.)

i chose purple because that is Pezza’s favorite color (most of the time).  i couldn’t wait to show it to her when i got home and you know what she says???  she screwed up her little face and says huh…wow…that is NOT very exciting mom…..  **THUD**  i mean REALLY? it has beaded spirally green wires sticking off of it for cryin’ in the mud!  ahh well i had fun!

and now back to work!


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2 Responses

  1. If I was her age, I would’ve been excited. Purple & green are my favorite colors – usually not together – but that looks great. I had fun doing my make & takes at CHA, but one of them took WAAAAAY too long & then I forgot to do them at 2 of my favorite booths!

  2. Well I think it’s pretty darn exciting headband! LOL Kids are so funny sometimes aren’t they!?

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