ahhh the color purple…

well my mom is off at the airport heding home 😦  her & pez had a great time together while i was at CHA and yesterday she took me on a huge shopping spree at the MOST amazing quilt stiore EVER right here in town – WebFabrics.  She got me completely set up for the holidays and then some with the ENTIRE collections of my favorite new stuff!  so you will be seeing some fun things here as well as in the magazine with instructions!

the down side was my trip to the dentist yesterday for a filling.  it was in a tough to gert to spot, took a second dose of novacaine and is really sore today.  today is my day to post for the Artful Inkables Think Ink blog challenge so i figured it was time to be off of vacation and get back in my studio!

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Our current challenge is to make a non-standard card AND you MUST use the color PURPLE!  i LOVE purple!  so here it is – quite plain and simple but i thought i would break back into it gently…:P

i decided to do a gate fold card – so easy but i have never done one and i really like them!

i used my martha stewart deep edge trellis punch on the patterned paper to create a sort of gate-like look.  then i mounted my stamped image on a spellbinders pendant piece.  the image is from the Artful Inkables Fanciful Flowers mini set.  i colored the image with copics and accented the border punched pieces with Viva Decor Pearl Pen.

and now the dishes are done, the laundry is washed, my work for today is done and pezza and i want to SEW!!!

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3 Responses

  1. How beautiful!!

  2. Dishes are done and laundry is done?!!?!?!?! Who took over Marti’s blog?! *LOL*

    *HUGS* Welcome back, buddy! Hope you had an amaaaazing time at CHA! I love your card *thumbs up* on the gatefold and the gate/trellis look you were going for!

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