whew CHA – my thoughts

its day 5 – the last day and i am so tired i can barely form coherent sentences and oh so ready to be home.  i miss my hubby and my kids and my cats and my bed and my craft room and my routine 😛

but i sure did have some fun andio loved talking to all of the folks who came by to check out all of the fantastic viva decor products!

however i MUCH prefer the area in anaheim where we usually go in january and the Super Show has been a HUGE disappointment.  i would have been better off at CKC in valley forge this weekend!

my big things this go round:

the cricut imagine – love it.  i must admit i was skeptical but after seeing it in action – love it!  for anyone lilke me who is a hybrid girl – likes both paper and digi – you will WANT this machine!

teresa collins stamp maker by photocentric – a must have!!!  i got one for myself and it sould arrive late august.  i cannot wait to make my own personal stamps from my mom and brother’s artwork as well as make pezzy her own stamps of her drawings and handwriting!  it is quick, easy, painless and a totally awesome price point!

prima…well is prima ever NOT over the top awesome?  ’nuff said.

spellbinders – see prima comment above.

papers – in general – we have ALOT of really good stuff coming for the holidays folks – my fave paper “discovery” – best creation inc.  everything sparkles and their glittered cardstock is to die for!  cuteness and sparkle to the max.

for the vintage arena – i am really loving cosmo cricut papers and the embellies at webster’s pages totally ROCK.

HOLIDAY GIFT GIVING MUST HAVE BOOKS – i love to do gifts in a jar (or mug or whatever) and have quite a few books of recipes. well i discovered more, lots more, at CQ products!  working on ideas now?  trying to get a plan together for the holidays or just tired of making cards and cards and cards….want to have some great gifts on hand?  you must go look at the array of books they have – the mug ’ems, gifts in a bottle and camp out cooking ones will ALL be coming home with me as soon as i can make it happen!  not onyl do they have great books of recipes for you to make to GIVE but they have some great books that will make perfect gifts themselves.

but of COURSE the viva products are my fave!!!  and now i am off to start packing up before heading to the floor for our last day!




2 Responses

  1. You sound sooooooo tired! I am sure you will be VERY HAPPY and COMFY back home!

    I can’t wait for your to have the Stamp Maker, that is the ONE product that I think I may be very very interested in buying!!

    Please travel safe and see you SOON!!


  2. So sorry CHA was a disappointment!! CHA in Anaheim in January was SOOO much fun!! And the shopping was fabulous! And, like you, I loved the location!!! So centrally located close to so many fun things! Alas, next January is in Los Angeles, and I doubt that it will be as fabulous an area. But I’m sure the show will be great!!

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