CHA day 1

Holy insanity batman!!!

it is almost 5am here in chicago and i am frantically trying to get work done before another crazy day!  my coffee maker in my room has NO filter holder thingy so i am muddling through until the starbucks downstairs opens ACK!!!!

so i thought alot of you might be looking for CHA updates – i have been so remiss about my blog these days but WOW have i been busy!!!

the trip out was uneventful though we had a few rough spots navigating chicago – we are used to anaheim but this is our first summer CHA.  the first thing i did when i got on the floor yesterday was hit the provocraft booth for a full demo of everything new.  well let me just tell you the cricut imagine ROCKS!!!!!!  i LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much!!!!!  and one will be arriving at my house in october!!!  i cannot wait!!!  i won’t go into detail on everything about it here since i know there will be tons of info on that but i will tell you my thoughts.  it i spartnered with HP so i feel utterly confident in the printing capabilities.  it is very similar to digi scrapping your elements but easier to customize them AND then it cuts them out for you – RIGHT up my alley!!  i LOVE digi scrapping!  the ink cartridges are normal priced cartridges.  it works with my regular cricut cartridges PLUS the special imagine cartridges – the world of possibilities is just unfathomable!

CONS – it does not YET work with design studio or gypsy (or i am assuming – make the cut and SCAL)

the launch party last night was the most inspiring experience i think i have ever had – rather than speeches there was a show by performance painter david garibaldi – i will never forget that!  of course seeing friends at provo craft and from the cricut board again has been wonderful!

i have not had a chance to wander the floor yet – i will be doing that this morning.  instead i worked in the viva decor booth doing make n takes and helping customers – SO MUCH FUN!!!  i love all of their products SO much so it easy to talk to other folks about them and show them how wonderful the products are!  colleen, justin and peter from viva US have been wonderful!

today i hope to walk the floor, see old friends like tim holtz – did get to see mario at the viva booth – what a DOLL he is!), the folks at ranger, the folks at studio G and make new friends as well!

pezza was extremely disappointed that she can’t come – she doesn’t understand why since she makes videos and all now and she said BUT MOM!  i AM a viva diva you know!!!!  then she told my mom that it was the last time she will ever be able to be happy because her mom is out of town 😛  this coming from the kid who fires me as mom like three times a week HAHHAHHA!!!

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i DO have projects to shwo you!  these were supposed to have gone up monday 😛  these are the three make n takes i am doing for the viva booth:

this is a pin for folks to wear and i did this one all afternoon yesterday.  the wood base is covered in inka gold and buffed.  the maya chipboard butterfly is painted with precious metal colour, adhered to the base and then the wings are filled in with glass effects gel.

this is a 7 gypsies ac chipboard book.  i painted the front with precious metal colour and then spackled on some terra texture paste – it looks and feels exactly like terra cotta!!  while wet i stamped into it and embedded that silver piece into it, then let it dry.  i brushed on some precious metal colour very lightly to enhance the stamped image.  finished it off with a few dots of paper pen.

the third one i seem to have forgotten to take a picture of 😦  it is one of those acrylic frames you slide the picture into – i took a viva decor stencil (any stencil you make from vinyl will work) and sponged on some satine – removed the stencil and you habe your frosted design.  then i added a layered modeling grass die cut flower to the corner.

have you been cruising the web checking out all the new stuff coming?  what is your favorite?  what are you most curious about?  let me know!!!!

ok starbucks opens in 5 minutes!!!!!!

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3 Responses

  1. I am totally jealous…(except for not having morning coffee)…but I am also very excited and HAPPY for you and can’t wait to hear more about the Cricut Image and wonder if it’s something I should start saving for!!

    Hope today is another fabulous day and you enjoy each and every moment!

    Say hi to Suzanne and keep us updated…I can’t find to find out more…


  2. Would like to learn more on the new Cricut machine and what else is new at Provocraft???
    Jan Castle

  3. How exciting to be at cha and I would love a blow by blow description. I want/need/ demand some Viva decor paints and tera!!!!!

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