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well we got off to an exciting start today – an EARTHQUAKE!!!  (oh i can’t wait to read suzanne’s reaction on her blog tee heeee!!!)  the weirdest part – other than we just don’t have earthquakes in VA – is that i was JUST trying to describe it to kevin a couple days ago.  i lived in San Diego for years and was there when that big one hit san francisco….no aftershocks so far though.

it DID NOT however, knock some milder weather our way.  it is DISGUSTINGLY hot & humid here BLECH!


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i made a bunch of cards last weekend for no good reason – meaning no assignment or goal of any kind just what i felt like doing.  i also wanted to use some of the sketches in that papercraft go to sketches mag that came out a bit ago.  so here is my first one:

I used some goodies from Webster’s Pages I picked up.  We focused on embellishments in the last issue of the magazine and I did a feature on Webster’s Pages – i really love their stuff!!  So i wanted to use some of it – the paper, the fabric ribbon and the Sparkler embellishments.

My focal piece is made from Viva Decor Pardo Jewelry Clay – i simply rolled it flat, misted a stamp with water and stamped it into clay.  once baked i gave it a wash with watered down Viva Decor Precious Metal Pearl paint – the thin paint wash sunk into the cracks and highlighted the stamped image.  it is very shimmery in real life too!  Also once baked the clay piece remains flexible and can also be cut to size.  you can get the pardo clay and precious metal paint at Poly Clay Play online.  The Pardo is FAR easier to work with than traditional polymer clay and the Precious Metals are AMAZING!!

i hope everyone has a fun weekend planned!!!

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  1. Oh my word an earthquake! Holy creepers! Hope everyone is ok! That would totally freak me out!

    Your card is totally amazing! Love all of the details…especially with that metallic shimmer Viva stuff! oooo me loves!!!!

    I can’t wait to see you at CHA!!!! It’s gonna be so amazing to meet you in person! I’m super pumped…this is my first CHA!!!

    Hugs~ Kim

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