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pre-registration begins Monday the 19th with $5 off!!!  I will have a Get to Know Your Expression class and a Pagoda exploration class:

Cricut Basics ($50): Learn how to use every single feature/function on your expression machine and make projects along the way to reinforce what you have learned.  This class will primarily use the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge that comes with most machines and touch on a few others to give you general knowledge of the cartridges.  This class can also help with understanding the functions on the Cricut Create machine which is similar to the Expression.  Each detailed lesson comes in both video AND PDF form.  Homework assignments will be checked regularly and there will be an open door policy for anyone who has questions or needs additional help.
Pagoda Cricut Cartridge Exploration ($40):  Use the Pagoda Cartridge and Asian Cuttlebug Folder bundle to create a variety of projects to include cards, home decor and gifts.  Learn to understand all of your different options and Creative Features on the Pagoda cartridge along with the Functions on your machine to really get your money’s worth from this fascinating cartridge.  Advanced projects will include lessons on creating with vinyl and Bonus Lessons will include cardmaking ideas/lessons on techniques to enhance your projects!

These will be available on the Color Me Creative Online Classroom Site.


now onto my super fun post for today!  Camping pics & stories after!

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i am so excited about our first post today for SCACD’s Making a Mess Mondays! When Susana came to me with this new direction for the store and new products she is bringing in i couldn’t wait to get started. i started my stamping journey with Tim Holtz and Technique Junkies so i LOVE getting messy in my studio.  these Dreamweaver products Susana brought in are JUST the thing i needed!!!  So now we will be spotlighting some messy products and techniques once a month on the first Monday with my two partners in crime Kim and Carolyn.  Other members of the SCACD team will also join in from time to time.

Dreamweaver makes incredible embossing pastes, brass stencils, and gorgeous shimmering mica powders. The possibilities are endless with these products – both in conjunction with each other AND alone. And i am VERY happy to say this is just the beginning of some messy fun at SCACD!!

For my first piece i used the checkerboard brass stencil, gold embossing paste and goldfinch Metal FX powder.
The stencil is a full sizes one, covers the front of an A2 card. I laid the stencil down on my paper and taped all four sides with removeable tape. I mixed some gold embossing paste with the Goldfinch powder and then smoothed it gently over the stencil like icing a cake. Then hold the stencil in place while gently removing the tape on three sides. then quickly and smoothly lift the stencil. My focal point is a cut from one of the new cricut lite cartridges.

my next card uses one of the Crafter’s Workshop stencils Susana brought in recently – i was very pleased to discover that these work equally well with the Dreamweaver products!!

Here i used white glossy embossing paste. after it dried completely i rubbed lightly with a versamark pad and then dusted it with various colors of Metal FX powders. The result is stunning! i paired it with some Basic Grey Kioshi papers and a few buttons. Next i took one of the flowers from the Maya mini chipboard sets. i covered it in Versamark and then brushed it with Metal FX powders.

You can see a three part video on these new products full of ideas on how to use them all on Susana’s site!  you will also want to head on over to the SCACD blog and check out the other messy posts today – the girls really rocked the new products!!

well we survived our first camping trip with pezza the wonder tot. overall i am pleased to report it was a GREAT success!!! Pezza gets an A++ as a camper. However, despite our MASSIVE camping experience daddy & momma got an F in packing 😛 i have been camping with the boys since they were 6&8 years old. so i had the whole camping thing down and usually packed so that i could survive in the woods for a week or more 😛 we used to go camping about 5-6 times a year or more. well we have not camped for 4 years and boy were we out of practice!!! let’s just say we forgot a LOT of stuff BUT we will get it together better next time.

As for pezza well we got off to a rough start. we arrived friday night and the site was excellent.

then it started pouring down rain 😛 so that meant we were trapped in the pop up camper AND she was so excited over the whole novelty of it all she was like a freakin’ ping pong ball MOST of the night. we were SO exhausted. kevin got up in the morning and was like i CANNOT do this all weekend. it was still raining off and on so we decided to get in the truck and go exploring since we had gone somewhere new (Cunningham Falls in Maryland) and we found a nice lake with a sand beach.

Pezza thought she died and went to heaven – we have definitely got a water baby on our hands.

though she kept insisting it was not a lake it was “just a pool that’s hunormous.” after swimming we went for a short hike to see the waterfall. the boys and i did alot of hiking, rock climbing and caving when we lived in MO so i loved this part and i am pleased to say pezza likes to climb around on the rocks. however she was so tired after being up all night and then swimming that we carried her all the way back 😛 i am hoping she will like hiking as much as the boys did.

everything was SO wet i had to surrender one of my magazines for the marshmallow cause

we plan on going back in september and then next summer we will plan more camping 🙂

now i have some catching up to do – i took the weekend completely off and really enjoyed the time with my hubby, now it’s back to work!!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing the camping pics Marti! It looks fun, but I’m not a roughing it kind of girl—-I’ve gotta have all the comforts of home! I did go camping a lot as a child, and really loved it though. We may just have to give it a try.

  2. Awesome messy projects!! I love the butterfly card! Looks like fun camping!

  3. Marti your creations are absolutely gorgeous hun! I am loving the dreamweaver products and thanks to your AMAZING videos I love them even more!!! 🙂 Tell Pezza thanks to because her video is my favorite technique! 🙂

    Glad to hear you all had a fun camping adventure!!! Pez is so cute!!!

    Hugs~ Kim

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