Pezza Way Day!!

woohoo friday!!

i am very excited about our weekend plans – we are FINALLY going camping!!!  this will be pezza’s first!  i camped TONS with the boys when they were kids and they always loved it.  but we have not been camping since i got pregnant so we are itchin’ to go!!  i have NO idea what to expect with pezza – i hope she isn’t constantly taking off through the woods or something and stays at our campsite.  we leave tonight and then come back sunday afternoon.  i will also NOT be bringing my computer and hubby better not be on his either!!  who knows we may both spontaneously combust from lack of being plugged in 😛

i could use the break as i have been working frantically finishing two new Cricut classes to ge up and running over on Color Me Creative – I will have a Get to Know Your Cricut and Pagoda Cartridge Exploration – Super fun classes!!!  You should see registration go up for those this week!!

before i go i have a special post today – more Pezza’s Way!!

blog tag

I saw this technique at GASC a couple weeks ago while i was hanging out in the Art Institute Glitter booth (yes i know – y’all are sick of hearing about them!!)  anywho i thought it would be a fun one to do with Pezza and she insisted on filming it of course!  here is her finished piece:

and boy does it SPARKLE!!!

i couldn’t even get my camera to focus!!  the cute little tag is a spellbinders die and two studio G stamps.

how did she do it???  take a look for yourself – easy and OH SO AMAZING!!

better blog siggy


10 Responses

  1. Hey Marti,
    We just love the Pezza videos! My 78 yr old Mom calls her “Pezza, the Princess of Paper Crafting”!!!! Then complains to me the she WISHES she had a grandaughter! LOL!
    Enjoy the camping trip.

  2. I just LOVE her wonderful little voice! She follows you word for word and does a great job!

    Have fun this weekend!!!

  3. Awww, How cute is that!!!!
    She did a great job!! Pretty too!

    Have fun camping!!

  4. Enjoy your trip! Another stunning video! Great job Pezzy!

  5. Wow! That’s really gorgeous! I really need one of those….. a Pezza!
    Have fun on your camping trip!

  6. Great job, Pezza and Mom!! Loved it!

  7. Cool technique and adorable video:D Have fun camping:)

  8. Pezza that was a SUPER fun video hun! I can’t wait to get out my glitter now! 🙂 Gorgeous work hun!!!
    Hugs~ Kim

  9. Isn’t glitter fun? Great job!

  10. Really cute! Pezza sounds adorable and she truly seems to love playing with paper and glitter. It looks like fun to me too!

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