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Y’ALL!!!!! it is O MY GOSH HOT here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  like i didn’t even go out to get my mail yesterday hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!  EGADS!!!! 

so pezza is beyond thrilled with her art table.  i am now begging her for LESS time in my studio 😛  hahahhahha!!  she picked out a big giant bag o’ rhinestones at Ms today so she will be busily sorting and glueing those next!

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Today i have a card for the Think Ink challenge at Artful INKables.  the challenge is to use some sort fo sewing on your card.

I used one of the large stamps from the Artful INKables Steampunk Sara set – one of my faves!  i decided to ink it with two different inks – i have a lighter color distress ink (can’t for the life of me remember which one) in the center and then i inked the edges with peeled paint distress ink and stamped it.  i inked and distressed up the edges and boom – done.  love it!  had i been clever i could have added a really cool TH time piece but i forgot i had them 😛

my edge here is fun i think.  i poked the holes and then stiched by hand. then i tried this cool stuff i got recently from Art Institute Glitter – it is called Earth Elements.  this one is Pebble and it’s this weird cool funky textured sprinkling stuff that smells good too!  it is very organic-ish.  i did breakdown and buy the earth elements glue too so i don’t know if other glues work but i do think this stuff needs something more than sticky strip! 

i hope y’all can jump over to see the Think Ink challenge and join in!!


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4 Responses

  1. Stunning card!

  2. This is awesome! Love that “earthy” edge!

  3. Very cool, that earth stuff looks so great!

  4. Oh my word is this beautiful! That earth elements stuff looks WAY cool….oh boy I see my bank account dwindling with all this fun new stuff I am learning! lol! 🙂 Awesome work hun!!!
    Hugs~ Kim

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