some info on unmounted stamps

I had a really cool project and post planned for you today…unfortunately i am in a mad rush to get my next online cricut class up & runnng and so there has been limited playtime for me!!

i had a great time at GASC.  hung out a bit with Cricut Dan tho he was VERY busy as usual!  also spent some time with one of my fave people Mary, she is Stacey’s mom, the creator of Spellbinders.  then i made the rounds.  i did not see much that excited me – most of it was not new to me.  i also had a budget to stick to -ICKY!  however i did find three things that thrilled me – a HUGE digi scrapping lesson book by The Digital Scrapbook Teacher – i am pretty good after dabbling for severl years but there is TONS i don’t know and i am so thrilled with this book.  just the lessons on editing my photos before printing for my traditional pages makes the book worth it!

i also came across a little simple jewelry making at Craft Fantastic which i have been DIEING to try my hand at!  she did not use dominoes or scrabble tiles but these glass pieces.  Anyway i made a fun pendant and got supplies to make a number of other things…mostly so i can out the FABUOLOUS artwork at ArtCult on Etsy to use!!

I also picked up some Peel Offs in various booths.  I have the honor of being a GUEST DESIGNER for Pat Huntoon over at Technique Junkies *swoon* – and i needed some peel offs hee heee!

of course i stopped by the Art Glitter booth – is there ANYTHING as yummy as art glitter?  NOT!  i am IN LOVE with the Gala Glitz right now – it ROCKS!  i only have ONE color but i want more SO BAD!!!  and did you know you can use fabric glue and their glitter and glitter your CLOTHES – oh the possibilities!


ok now for a real actual post 😛  this is not a new post.  it is actually almost 2 years old BUT i see so many threads asking about options for unmounting stamps so i wanted to post this again.

i thought i would dedicate today’s post to my newest “product I adore” – Tack N Peel!!
most stamps seem to come unmounted these days – i usually mount mine on ez mount. tried covering the back with aleen’s tack it over and over but i was tacking things to the stamp that just did NOT go there and getitng the stamp stuck on things – i am obviously to messy for that route!

however i HATE the sticky time consuming mess that is ez mount. and i am ashamed to show you this but i have had THIS ->
pile of brand new rubbah (god i hope hubby isn’t looking…) sitting on my table for weeks and so I pull out some Tack N Peel i ordered from Tsukineko back when i first started carrying their products. WELL this stuff is FABulous! can you imagine how long it would take to ez mount all THAT RUBBAH!!!!!

Instead here is what I have now – the yellow rectangle on the right shows what the tack n peel looks like out of the package (but bigger – it is 4″ x 7″). i simply laid my acrylic block on top, drew a line to cut it to size, cut it and peeled off the yellow paper. this reveals a sticky side and i laid that down on my block – lemme tell ya – this stuff sticks! what i have now (you can see in this pic) is my block, tack n peel and a protective clear sheet.

when i want to use an acrylic stamp i simply stick it onto the protective clear sheet just like the plain block – works just the same. BUUUUUT

when i want to use some good ole rubbah i just peel the protective sheet off and stick the stamp right on. stamp and remove. Replace protective cover. so now i only have ONE sticky surface to worry about AND i can use my stamps as soon as i get them. i LOVE it!!!!! if the TnP starts to lose it’s stickiness just wash it off and let it air dry!! now i ask you does it get any better!! i am ALL ABOUT instant gratification!

i also have a couple videos i did more recently:

i hope you find them useful!!!

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2 Responses

  1. Cool…thanks for the info on tack ‘n peel. I, for some reason, thought it was the same as tack it over – which just didn’t work for me – and ez mount can get pretty expensive if you have a lot of um stamps. Next purchase is going to include tack ‘n peel:D

  2. Using Tack ‘n Peel results in a thinner rubber stamp than if you use wood mount or EZ Mount. Do you find you have to be more careful when stamping? I’d be sure to ink the block thoroughly as well as the stamp.

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