GASC today!!

oh glory day i am off to the Great American Scrapbooking Convention in Chantilly today – ALONE!!

my darling hubby will be fielding the adorable insane little pezza so i can go hang out!  i love to look at all the stuff even tho i don’t do a whole lot of actual shopping – for the most part if it is out and i want it i already have it – plus i am trying to be budget conscious BLECH!  however i do love to go see all of my various vendor friends that i only get to see at stuff like this.  heck i may even do some make n takes!  i never do them and i really should dontcha think??  i WILL be hitting the quick quotes booth – i always do.  i am not a big KIT girl but i ADORE their huge canvas wall hanging kits.  of course i will be hanging out with cricut dan for a bit.  i will also be hunting down some brass stencils as i have suddenly become obssessed with the dreamweaver stencil pastes SCACD has begun carrying!  will see how costly they are.

ok off to get ready and peel outta here.  thanks hubby!!!


2 Responses

  1. Have fun! If I was home I’d be doing it with ya, lol! Let me know if you find any goodies!


  2. I love your style! Can’t wait see more of your work…have a great time!

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