Viva Decor the Pezza Way

oh do i have a treat for you today!!!  but first a few other things:

**Hello Thursday**  For those of you who are Cricut addicts like me you know what those two words mean!  Cricut will be debuting some new cartridges – of course you probably also know they leaked out early and you have already seen them.  HOWEVER i will be taking part in the Hello Thursday festivities with one of the new cartridges this thursday!!!!  i am very excited to have been chosen to preview a cartridge and will have a couple projects as well as a video for ya!


Tim Holtz texture fades are HERE!!!!  they will be going out over the next few days!  i know everyone is excited!  you will get an email with your tracking number when i print your label out!


if you have a joanns nearby CHECK THIS OUT:

See those RED TAGS??  all of their silver and bronze metal buckets are on clearance!  i LOVE these things for gift  sets and i KNOW i will need them come christmas time.  the MOST i paid for one was 1.97!!  so i urge you all to head over there and check it out!

blog tag

have i got a treat for you!  one of the greatest cards to appear on my blog yet:

notice the watermark…thats right this is a Pezza’s Way card!  i decided she needed her own watermark.  want to know the BEST part?  she made a VIDEO to go with it!!!!!  ROTFLMBO!

She got up SUPER early today (before 5:30) so i brought her down to my studio and i said she had to be quiet because i needed to make a video.  when i was done she INSISTED she needed to make one too.  This is actually her second one – i will show the first one on thursday.  Anyway she said she needed to make a video of Viva Decor so here you go:

leave her some LOVE!

have a great day!

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26 Responses

  1. OMG Pezzy is so CUTE!

  2. Pezzy did wonderfully! She says Viva Decor so clearly and cutely!! Great video and great job Pez!

  3. Pezza, you did a fabulous job!!! Love the colors you picked. Can’t wait to see more of your work:o)

  4. OMGosh — I am so sorry I missed this when I first was published ! I LOVE it and I love the background that little Pez made! MY favorite colors!!

    Way to go Pez! You can tell you spend a lot of time working with MOM, as you know all the exact terms…LOVE IT!!

    Happy Crafting,

  5. Pezza did a great job! Is she for hire?

  6. Oh my gosh, how cute is Pez in that video???!!! Does she have an agent? 😉 Adrienne and I were giggling the whole time – especially Adrienne!

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