my cookie failtacular


i wanted to post this on monday but just had not gotten to it. YES i finally played with my Cricut Cake machine! we decided to make sugar cookies since i was VERY excited to hear they were a possibility with the machine. i have been making and decorating sugar cookies for years. and i have been collecting cookie cutters for years. and i don’t have nearly all the ones i would like to AND they take up ALOT of room…..

i use martha stewart’s sugar cookies recipe – it is perfect (like her hahahhah) and you can find it >>here<<  i like this recipe the best because not only is it delicious but it rolls & cuts easily AND it does not puff or lose it’s shape when baked – important for making sugar cookie shapes!

i know from experience chilled dough is easier to work with.  so i made sure to get an extra pack of mats and i worked with three so i could rotate them.  i sprinkled my mat VERY LIGHTLY with flour and rolled my dough out on it – it was between 1/8″ & 1/4″ thick – you want to roll it thin enough so it clears the roller bar.  After rolling i stuck it in the freezer and moved on to the next mat.  by the time i had the third one rolled out, the first one was ready to cut.

cutting the cookie dough was a DREAM!!!  it worked PERFECTLY!  i did back the speed & pressure down a bit.  when the dough got to warm i got ragged edges:

one drawback – because the cricut doesn’t fit the images together the way i normally would there is ALOT of excess dough after you finish cutting each mat full of dough.  That means ALOT of re-rolling and chilling SO my overall assessment is that the cricut cake DOES NOT SAVE TIME when making cookies BUT IT DOES give me WAY WAY more options when i am making cookies!

i cut all of my cookies at 2″ on the shadow feature – i would not think the more intricate or thinner designs would work as well OR taste as good – they would get overdone and too crunchy.

Now the next step was decorating them.  i have always used royal icing.  it looks gorgeous and tastes YUMMY.  however i thought how cool and easy it would be to do the layers to decorate with by cutting them out of fondant.

of course i had objections to the fondant SO i compromised.  i did the base coat in royal icing.  i use the wilton meringue powder and the recipe under the lid.  i use americolor gel food coloring (better than liquid for royal icing).  i started by going through my cookies and sorting them by what color i wanted to do them in:

each stack has a little slip on it with the color.  next i whipped up my royal icing colors:

yes i just used ziplock baggies 🙂

here are the cookies aith their base layer of royal icing:

ANNNND from this point it careened RIGHT down the toilet.

next i pulled out my fondant – i have satin ice and fondarific – both taste ok, not too bad.  so i spread shortening on my mat and rolled out the fondant.  it felt really sticky SO i thought hmmmm guess i’ll stick that in the freezer too.  i started cutting and it worked great….but it got warm reall fast.  so i put it BACK in the freezer to firm up.  then pulled it out, popped it off the mat…….and by the time i got it to the cookie all of an inch or two away it was an impossiblt sticky mess and i couldn’t get ANY that looked good.  at this point i was tired and had a lot of work backing up and i threw in the towel.  SO apparently i need to do a little research on that part….BUT for now it will have to wait so i can get the next issue of the magazine finished up, as well as do two guest design spots, several more videos for Viva Decor and my usual stuff too 😛


speaking of the magazine…

If you are not already a subscriber and want to catch the next issue you must subscribe by June 10 >>HERE<<  we will be focusing on embellishments – pre-made and making your own!

also – if you are already a subscriber be sure to get in on the challenges before they close!  all involve prizes, including the cricut challenge which has a Sweet Treats cart up for grabs!

we are looking for submissions as well – we always want to hear from you on the following:

  • tips
  • questions
  • storage
  • your craft room

finally – watch for our publication call to go up on Monday!!

i hope you all have a great weekend planned!  hubby has promised me some uninterrupted time in my lair tomorrow morning – ahhh heaven!

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5 Responses

  1. Marti- Can you post the recipe for the royal icing- I would love to have the recipe to try. I make sugar cookies every year but don’t have a good icing recipe.

  2. Your cookie creations look yummy!! I would LOVE a cookie right now!!

    Sorry about your ‘failtacular’…sounds to me the the fondant and this Cricut Cake are NOT for me! I’m sure glad I didn’t buy one…What a bummer!!

    Better luck next time!! 🙂

  3. Your cookies look good to eat, but too much work for me!! Doesn’t look like fun, in fact I had to go back and read for real that you were cutting it with your Cricut! I’ll stick to paper and my little Slice!!! But, glad you’re having fun……. hee hee

  4. Wow! I want a cake machine. Can’t even believe I could cut cookies with all my carts. How cool is that. I love your blog. I have always had a thing for making and decorating cookies.

  5. Those cookies look fabulous! I’ve never tried royal icing on cookies before. It seemed like it would be like concrete to me.

    It’s too bad the fondant part didn’t work out. I hope you get time to try it again soon.

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