my laptop has been playing dress up…

YAY it’s Friday!  hubby is coming home after lunch and we are hoping to see Drake at some point today.  i am not even going to tell you the ridiculousness that is their teenaged version of a plan ACK!  i have promised my homemade chili and red velvet cake for them – four altogether – so i will be getting busy on that soon.

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Ok my project today is a total departure and really fun.  i have been wanting to lter my laptop ever since i couldn’t buy a purple one.  however i couldn’t decide exactly what i wanted to do…then hubby had a great idea – he suggested getting a skinz thingy for it so it wasn’t permanent and i could change when i wanted.  we ll that got me thinking and so i decided VINYL of course!!!  then when i want a change i remove it and do another one!

i started with a piece of white vinyl which i covered in alcohol inks – i used colors from the Lights selection to get a pale effect.  i cut the border using a Martha Stewart border punch.  next i used some fairy glittering rub ons i found at Michaels. 

i cut out Pezadoodle on my cricut and i covered the top layer pieces with Viva Decor Holographic Glitter Liner – the demension and sparkle are OUTSTANDING!  i added the pearl swirly piece. 

then i wanted something in the bottom middle so i cut this butterfly piece from a cereal box using the Storybook Cricut cartridge and used the negative as a stencil.  i ran it thru my xyron with repositionable adhesive.  Next i pulled out my Viva Decor 3D glitter paste in Peridot and smoothed it on so it went into the stencil.  this stuff is SO AWESOME!!!!  it is a colored gel base FULL of sparkling glitter and shining silver microbeads.  i just LOVE it!  it also looks incredible on acrylic!  you can see the steps down below.

i accented the border with some of my purple glitter skittles. a lime green Viva Decor paper pen and the yellow Viva Decor pearl pen.

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Create a stencil with your cricut – cut your shape out and use the negative.  Be sure to leave a good border around your shape so your Glitter Paste does not go over the outside edge.  The little plastic spatula is a great tool for this – it came in a pack of assorted plastic knives from Michaels.  Cover the back of the stencil with repositionable adhesive (i find xyron the easiest) and plce it where you want it.

Dip your spatula into the paste and work with a little at a time.  smooth the paste over the open space in your stencil.  Smooth it slowly and carefully into the open spaces – don’t push too hard and force the gel under the stencil edge.

Conitnue smoothing it until the whole stencil is covered.  try to keep it somewhat smoothed out.  be creful not to go over the outer edges.

carefully remove your stencil while the gel is still WET.  Let dry overnight.

Susana has quite a few colors of 3D Glitter Gel in stock now!  i hope you found this exciting!

have a great weekend!

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6 Responses

  1. This is cool. I love your cover.

  2. OMG Marti–this is sheer genius. I may have to lift this fantastic idea. I was just talking to my husband this morning about a pink laptop. Now I have an idea.

  3. Very cute. I did mine in vinyl too, but very different from yours. You can see it here on my blog.

  4. I have been waiting until school was out to do this very project. My laptop is 17.3 inches long and I couldn’t find a skin for it. Thanks so much for letting me know that my idea will work! I still have the ugly clear plastic that came on it. Yours is lovely and I may have to steal the idea to use alcohol inks to color! Thanks again!

  5. Marti that turned out ADORABLE hun! WOW!
    Hugs~ Kim

  6. That is so neat! I have never seen glitter paste before but now am going to have to find some. Thanks for sharing!

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