with enough coffee…

ANYTHING is possible!!!!  heeeheee!

MMMMMMMM…..what’s this?  if you guessed carrot cake in the mking you’re right!  carrot cake is one of hubby’s faves so pezzy and i made  homemde carrot cake with buttermilk glaze and cream cheese frosting -TO DIE FOR!!!!!!


this is positively THE BEST carrot cake i EVER out in my mouth!  AND not difficult to make either!  here are the recipe links:

Carrot Cake

Buttermilk Glaze

Cream Cheese Frosting

next up i have a quickie little project for ya!

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Coffee Bucket

 we got a K-cups machine recently which i LOVE BUT keeping track of the cups where they are handy was kind of a pain.  SO i pulled out the old metal bucket that blew into my yard after a storm about a year ago and fixed her up!  i pianted the blue bottom with Decoart Metal Paint – no prep work or anything – just paint it on.  i sort of washed it on kind of thin to give it a bit of an old-ish look.  then i searched Etsy (the best place for this) for some vintage coffee ephemera or digi art.  of COURSE i found the PERFECT thing – an entire sheet of ads exctly the size i needed!  you can find them >>here<<  i just cut them all out, covered the back with a thin layer of mod podge – make SURE you go all the way to the edge so it won’t peel up unless you plan to go over the top and cover the whole piece with mod podge.  TA DA!

SO much better than the stacks of boxes!  ok i am off to finish up a video i started this morning – my first for Above Rubies Studio – exciting things about to launch over there!!

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2 Responses

  1. Yum! That cake looks delicious & I really like the vintage look of your tin. How in the world did something like that blow into your yard? All I get are cigarette butts & Taco Bell wrappers in the driveway. Plus, we live across from a school & we get a lot of homework blowing thru the yard!

  2. Yummy cake! I love how you store your coffee.

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