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SO i watched my first 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives that Drake gave me while i worked on the computer this morning – LOVIN’ it!  not sure why i never wtched it before – i think i initially thought it was one more in the slew of reality shows which i am totally not into.  anyway – GREAT GIFT!  one of the things i worked on was posting the first CRICUT challenge over on the magazine website – the prize up for grabs is the Sweet Treats cartridge or a $20 gift certificate!  So if you are a subscriber and have a Cricut be sure to check the website for the challenge!

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i LOVE the project i am sharing today!  Every now and then Pezzy takes an afternoon class at the community center here.  This week she is going to a bumble bee and flowers class so i FINALLY FINALLY played around with fabric and my cricut *swoon*!!  oh the possibilities!!!!

say it with me now – AWWWWWWW hee eheee!!!

everything is cut from the Walk In My Garden cartridge – an oldie but goodie and one of my all time faves!

It is actually MUCH easier than i thought!  now first off the fabrics – the BEST place to go for fun applique fabrics is a quilt store – they have TONS of coordinating fabrics in themed sets – it’s like a pad of paper hee heee!  I am lucky enough to have a SUPERB one right here in town.  if you don’t have a good one you cna shop at mine online – >>WEB FABRICS<< – the owner is AMAZING and all of the ladies there are fantastic!  and the selection OH MY!!!!!  if you DO shop there be sure and let them know i sent you!

here are a few tips for you:

  1. get some Heat n Bond Ultra Iron on adhesive.  iron this onto the back of your fabrics – follow package directions – BEFORE cutting.  PEEL THE PAPER BACKING OFF BEFORE CUTTING
  2. use a new blade – this dulls your blade fast – you will want to be sure you have a back up blade or two on hand.  IF you find your blade is snagging, take it out and push the little top thingy that makes the blade stick out so you can check for lint and fuzz and blow it off.
  3. place your fabric adhesive side down
  4. i am not too sure how it would do trying to cut something too very small or intricate.
  5. Once your pieces are cut you just iron them on!

now my concern – i am a little iffy on how well they are going to stay stuck on to the shirt…i am not sure if there are other products out there that would keep the fabric stable enough to cut and have a better hold once ironed on.  the package warns NOT to try and sew through it – it is pretty thick.  the next one i might skip the shadow layer and outline the pieces with Viva Decor Pearl Pens since they are washable.  SO time will tell BUT:

she will definitely be ready for bumble bee class on wednesday!

now a few details on this shirt in particular – the dot trails for the bees and dots on the bee hive are Viva Pearl Pens.  The lettering needed to stand out more so i outllined lightly with a black copic (won’t wash out) but these bleed so be careful! you just need a light touch as you go around the edge.  i did not have black fabric so i cut the stripes out with the bodies in the yellow and then colored those with the copic also.  to give the wings some shimmer i painted them with Ice White Viva Pearl pen and a paintbrush.

ok i am outta here – got a truck to clean and a birthday cake to make for hubby!


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3 Responses

  1. Marti, you did an AWESOME job on that shirt! Sooo cute! I absolutely love the fabric you used for the hive—perfect. And Pezzy looks so cute in it!
    Way back in the early 90’s I was in to fabric applique type stuff. I would use the Heat and Bond, apply it to the fabric applique, then iron it onto shirts. I would use fabric paint to go around the edges of the designs, making sure to completely seal around all the edges with the paint. I mostly used the fabric paints made by Plaid.
    Now, I want to know about the post it notes stuck to objects in the background! LOL 🙂

  2. Marti this is AWESOME! You work is always so great!!! Love it!
    Hugs~ Kim

  3. OMG, sew adorable! You are just amazing GF! I can’t stand it!!! lol, and Pez…ahhhh sweet!

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