Studio G has outdone themselves this time!!!

Pezzy is sitting cross from me as i type…she is painting…EEK this girl REALLY gets into her painting!  but a breakfast room table isn’t REALLY good until it is covered in permanent remnants of your children’s craft projects.  we had a super cheap walmart wood table when the boys were little.  when they had finally outgrown fun with mommy time (*sniff sniff*) i just borrowed a sander and took the whole top layer off – it was COVERED in glue, glitter and paint of all kinds from years of make n do!  then i stenciled a cute little ivy design long the edges and polyurethaned the top – ta da! brand new table!

Mommy's lil' crafter


confession time – wanna know the pathetic part – the child has red paint and blue paint…that’s it….so this morning she says well mommy, you know we could mix them to make new colors…plural…..i said ummmm well we can make purple…thats it….

so we are going to make the trek out to AC Moore which is where i found these paints and the glitter glue and add to them – i want the same kind and haven’t found it anywhere else.  i’m thinking, you know, at least a freakin yellow right?!?!?!  hahahhah!

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no project for ya because i have LOADS of studio G news instead.  now anyone who has read my blog for any length of time knows i am a studio G fanatic.  there are so stinkin’ CHEAP and yet i am always impressed by the quality!  well they have REALLY stepped it up a notch  – the most recent catalogue knocked my socks off!

you may remember the last group of goodies – the usual cute stamps plus note pads and such to match – INSTANT GIFT SETS!!!!  oh let me refresh your memory:

LOVE IT!  anything to make it easier on ME right!!!  you can pre-order these right now – i am only getting a limited number in.

well THEN i got the files for halloween oh MY!  y’all ready for this?

i-cling - red rubber stamps on cling foam

i-clear halloween 2010 (same as we are used to - new name)

soloz - larger clear stamps

 wait for it….CHALK INK PADS!!!  the pigment ones have been really superior so i am very excited about these!

CHALK ink pads!!

Sparkle Writer Glitter Pens

And i saved the best for last…..*swoon*

Rub Ons

Glitter Stick-EZ

The images in the stick-ez are double sided adhesive – you stick it on your paper and then sprinkle the included glitter over them – YAY!!  deosn’t get easier than that and i DOUBT you will find these anywhere for $1 like you can get from Studio G!

can we get three cheers for bob over at Hampton Art!!!  he really outdid himself with these!  i can’t imagine what he has in store for us for Christmas!  Three cheers for cheryl too who puts up with my constant perstering!!!



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5 Responses

  1. Hey Marti, how are the glitter glue and ink pads from studio G? I always see them in the dollar section of Michaels or Jo Anns and have been tempted to try …but people I have talked to say that the glitter glue doesn’t really sparkle like stickles and doesn’t last…and that the inks are not that great either…

    I see you love them a lot …so can you give me some insight?

    Thanks, V

  2. How fun 🙂 yes, get that girl more paints mommy! I have to tell you I subscribed to the mag & it IS wonderful!!! I’m soooo looking forward to more issues 🙂 I love the diversity of craft types. Keep up the great work! hugs

  3. Thanks for the reminder to get my pre-order in for the Sweet stamps.

    I like the new cling stamps too. I’m using those more than the clear.

  4. I got some of the Halloween stamps the other day and LOVE them! They are great when embossed in black and colored (I use watercolors or paper piece). Great quality and awesome value!

  5. Awesome drawing information, really inspiring!

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