ahhhhh spring and yard work….

hi all!  well the project i hoped to post today is NOT finished SO…….sorry!

we spent a good bit of time out in the yard again yesterday – we were back at home depot for mulch – we missed the local high school order somehow.  we also got severl azaleas to replace the ones that got  alittle well…broken under the massive snow we had.

so yesterday we concentrated on the front bed – i planted it after we moved in so it is quite established now – it is full of you-can’t-kill-those perennials which have THRIVED despite several seasons of neglect while i could not get out there with Pezzy.  so we dug some up to divide and bring around back – LOVE that – free plants!!!!  i get all of my perennials online at Bluestone – you get these teensy weensy little plants at killer prices and then after a season or two you can landscape your neighbors yard with them they have spread so much!!!!!


in between all of that i have been popping in and out of the exclusive Through the Craft Room Door website Suzanne & I created and it has been hopping!  we are so THRILLED with how pleased everyone is so far.  the video tutorials are by far the favorite item.  we are still adding some of the April content (ok mostly me) but it is nearly complete – now we set to work on the MAY/JUNE ISSUE!  if you haven’t subscribed you might want to get in for that one – it will be all about distress/vintage/shabby chic looks and have focuses on father’s day/masculine projects (always so tough), grads and weddings!  PLUS when you subscribe you will have access to all of the content in the previous issue(s) by logging in to our website.

now off to wait for the cable guy!  have a WONDERFUL day everyone!!!

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