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good MORNING!!!

i am HOME!  we got in VERY VERY late last night – it was well after 1am when i went to sleep and i am SO not a night person so i am a little off my game this morning – even slept in til 6!!!! ACK!  i have no projects to share but do have some tidbits i wanted to be sure to touch on today.


Through the Craft Room Door magazine updates!  the first issue is COMING!  however it is not going to hit your door step today like we had hoped – being the first issue and all there were kinks and bumps along the way as we worked with our publisher but they are working hard on it so expect it next week!!!!  we also FAR surpassed our initial subscriptions estmate and had to up our quantities to cover them all!

the website will go live tomorrow – my lack of internet and traveling yesterday has left me with a few things i need to polish up before we reveal it to you!  but i am SO excited about it!  i know you’ll love it!


Creatve Inspirations shimmering paints DT maiden post!

our first ever CI paint design team post is up on the CIDT blog and I must say i am SO proud of all the projects from the team!  i encourage you to hop on over and check them out – the paints are SO easy to use and give such amazing results and the team really rocked the challenge i gave them.  to celebrate spring i asked them to do a color challenge – yellow, lavendar and green.  it is one of my FAVES!


Studio G update

now that i have a bit of time i can tell you my plans for the new studio G sets coming.  i will NOT be doing the usual pre-orders like i have in the paast BUT i WILL be taking orders with a deposit – this way i can be sure to order enough for everyone but i will not require payment until they are actually here.  as usual each collection of clear stamps comes with a variety of other items – the usual wood stamps, ink pads and glitter glues plus something NEW:

These coordinate with the birdcage collection due out at the end of November

Mini notebooks

Mousepad jotters - paper for notes that doubles as a mousepad!


Stationary complete with matching envelopes AND envelope seals!

 now i admit when i first saw these i thought AW how cute but why would i want them…and then it occurred to me – how cute would it be to make a little gift set with the matching staps and inks that included these items as part of the gift?  doesn’t get quicker or easier than that!  so i will be ordering a limited number of these to *test* and see how y’all feel about them – IF YOU REALLY like them you may want to let me know so i can guage interest!  there are the same items in the Sweets collection AND the Bohemian collection.  Bohemian is THE SAME AS LAST YEAR’S BOHEMIAN so i do not think i will be ordering the stanps unless i get requests.  HOWEVER if you would like the coordinating items i might order those if anyone is interested.

FINALLY i COMPLETELY redid the studio G reference gallery!  the pictures are FAR BETTER (nd took quite a bit of begging & pleading to finally get!)  i hear i left out series 3 so i will correct that and add the series numbers for the last few in the next couple days.


i hve been told there was a LEAK on the Above Rubies Studio blog  ACK!  if you are a cricut fanatic like me you will want to run over there and see what it is all about!  i have to say i AM THRILLED about being a part of all the fun brewing up over there!!!

and now i am off to put my house back in order and run some errands – we have little food and i hear series 40 has been spotted at Michaels!!!

have a WONDERFUL day! 

better blog siggy


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  1. The studio G reference gallery looks great…THANKS for doing that!

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